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A version of Minecraft Infdev was released on June 11, 2010.[1]



Oak Door
  • Changed the texture

World generation[]

  • The terrain generator now tries to comprise the terrain of large islands.
  • The count of generated trees has been changed.
  • The terrain height amplification value seems to be higher, allowing for some mountains to be so tall that they have flat tops from being cut off by the height limit.
  • The player will now always spawn on sand.


  • The save directory can now be changed to something other than .minecraft\saves


  • Are now three-dimensional, have a texture, and are translucent.



  • Breaking a door by mining its top part will now drop a door.


  • In Notch's post announcing the release of this version on The Word of Notch, he included an image of a level preview tool to show how the terrain looks in this version. What many suspected to be a monolith can be seen to the right of the image, near the coast. In this version, one quirk about the terrain was that the height amplification value was a little higher, allowing for some mountains to be so tall that they are cut off by the world height limit, thus giving the appearance of monoliths from above, accompanied by the ability of some mountain sides being able to look chunky and squared off resembling monoliths (shown on the bottom portion of the supposed monolith on the image). Upon further examination of the image, it shows that there is very high mountainous terrain that blends into the side of the supposed monolith that can barely be seen on both sides, which would be impossible for there to be if this was a real monolith, and there's even an overhang on the bottom, which also helps to disprove this structure being a monolith.



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