Java Edition Infdev 20100420

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Minecraft Infdev

Java Edition

Release date

April 20, 2010


Client (.json)

A version of Minecraft Infdev was released on April 20, 2010.[1]


  • The level generator has been updated.
    • It is now much faster.
    • The terrain seems to be much less mountainous. Instead, hills generate very often.
  • Mobs now spawn less often.
  • Saplings grow into big trees.
  • The world automatically saves less often.
  • Mob pathfinding and behavior changed.
  • Changed world save format


  • The mob pathfinding no longer leads them off big drops in negative coordinates.[verify]
  • Hostile mobs no longer spawn in bright areas.


  1. Optimization update is out – The Word of Notch, April 20, 2010