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A version of Minecraft Infdev was released on March 27, 2010.[1]

With its introduction of the Alpha level format and the reintroduction of level saving, this is the first version where worlds created in it can be opened in any subsequent version (except for snapshots 21w06a through 21w14a of Java Edition 1.17, and 21w37a through 21w38a of Java Edition 1.18, which was due to a lack of a system to convert worlds rather than being fundamentally incompatible) without the need for external editors.


  • The game now automatically saves while playing.
  • The world generation is now responsible of new noise generators that replace the Classic World Noise generator. These are: Low Noise, High Noise, and Selector Noise. The first two are responsible of generating the Far Lands (see details below on the Bugs section).


  • The level format has been updated from the Indev level format to the Alpha level format.
  • The world saving interface has been revamped. It is now identical to the system seen in Alpha through early Beta.
    • The "generate new level..." button has been replaced with a "single player" button which opens a world selection screen, in which worlds can be loaded, created, and deleted. The "load level.." button has been replaced with a "multi player" button, although it is always grayed out.
  • The player dying causes the contents of their inventory to drop, and respawns the player at the world spawn, rather than forcing the player to reload the last save.
  • The player no longer starts with any items in new worlds.
  • The player always spawns at 0,64,0, then gets shot up to the nearest available space.


  • The Classic World Noise terrain generator has been removed of the game's code, revamping the terrain generation.
  • Caves and flowers no longer generate, as they are not yet implemented in the new terrain generator.
  • The defunct map theme, map shape, and map type buttons have been removed from the interface.
  • Debug tools are removed from the player's inventory.
  • Brick pyramids removed.


  • The Far Lands are not an addition itself. Instead, they are the overflow of the new Low and High noise generators, that overflow at 12,550,824 blocks away on the X and Z axes, where the Far Lands generate.
  • Naturally-generated places that do not have direct exposure to the sky (e.g. cliff overhangs) are completely dark until given a sky light update.
    • Note that block updates on their own have no effect.
  • The world above the height limit is always fully lit and can cause blocks near the height limit to be lit up at nighttime with block light if a block update happens. This can temporarily hang the game while it processes the insane amounts of lighting updates, and may crash on older computers.[verify]
  • After dying, the player's body remains lying where they died. The body can be pushed around and still has the idle animation, as if it were still alive.
  • After loading an existing world, ores and trees regenerate if the conditions are correct (e.g. the place where ore would generate is filled with stone).
  • Wheat crops, fire, farmland, torches and saplings preserve their data values in the occupied space, resulting in newly-placed blocks to take on the data value of the block previously occupying that space allowing for any block from this version to obtain a damage value between 0-15. (Though the item form has to be obtained with silk touch in a later version.)
  • Containers (i.e. chests and furnaces) sometimes do not save.
    • They require a chunk update in their chunk to update.
  • When generating a new world, the game may stop responding on some laptops.
  • Slabs have broken lighting.
  • Pressing the respawn button multiple times creates clones of the player, and when the player touches/attacks any clone, the player's hand goes crazy. (this is the only known way to spawn the human mob in this era of the game without modding).

Furnace bugs[]

Gear (item)
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  • Having a furnace run out of fuel but is still smelting, then saving and exiting, then opening that burning furnace crashes the game.
  • Furnace smelting time can sometimes be cut in half, or doubled, after saving and exiting.[more information needed]
  • On very rare occasions taking items out of a furnace output slot crashes the game.[more information needed]


1 bug fixed
  • The game's performance no longer drastically degrades progressively.