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Minecraft Infdev
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Java Edition

Release date

March 13, 2010


Client (.json)



A version of Minecraft Infdev was released on March 13, 2010.[1]


  • Re-implemented the daylight cycle, but its duration is shorter than it was in Indev.
    • One cycle lasts around 8 minutes. Both daytime and nighttime are 4 minutes long.
  • Added working lights
  • Re-added dynamic lighting.
World boundary
  • Now exists at 32,000,000 blocks.
    • The stone wall "far lands" are inaccessible without the use of modification as a result.


  • Faster sky brightness re-calculation.
  • The player spawns with more items when creating a new world: 999 glass blocks, 999 planks, 999 torches, 999 pairs of flint and steel, 999 diamond shovels, 999 diamond pickaxes, 999 lava source blocks, and 999 water source blocks.
  • Diamond tool durability has been increased from 257 to 513.
  • The game now keeps a cyclic buffer of near chunks in memory, so it will no longer run out of memory when players walk for a long distance.
    • However, the game does not yet save anything to the disk, so players lose data from chunks they unload.[1]
  • Pressing F will now reload chunks too instead of just hiding them behind a fog.
    • Fog is now further from the player
    • Fog is now slightly blueish




  • The test skybox has been removed; the sky now more closely resembles what it is in modern versions.
Distance effects
  • Entities now use a double for positioning, rather than a float.
  • Fixed a significant bug at high distances that causes chunks to detach and intensely jitter with camera movement.
  • The wireframe hitbox for blocks no longer jitters at high distances, and no longer distorts at high distances for certain GPUs.


  • Fire, gears, torches and crops have a texture when placed
  • Torches can be placed on the sides of blocks again
  • Furnaces have a face
  • Block breaking cracks now show up consistently


  • Opening the inventory crashes the game.
    • However, you can still access the inventory through a crafting table
  • Slabs have lighting bugs.
  • Sometimes, the game will crash while generating a world, with a java.lang.IllegalArgumentException error being thrown.


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