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For developmental versions of Infdev 20100227-1, see Java Edition Infdev 20100227-1/Development.

The first version of Minecraft Infdev was released on February 27, 2010, at 14:19 UTC.[1]



Golden Apple JE1 BE1 Golden Apples
  • Restores 20♥ × 10 health, making it the best food in the game at the time.
  • Crafted from 8 blocks of gold surrounding an apple, which are still unobtainable making the item also unobtainable.

World generation[]

  • Worlds can now generate infinitely
  • At X/Z: +1,024/-512, the skybox around the world stops rendering, giving way to a blank light blue sky. At around X/Z: 65,536 blocks away, the hitbox begins to lose its shape. At X/Z: 131,072, the gaps between chunks begin to become jumpy and distorted. These effects begin to double every exponent of two that the player walks from here. At X/Z: 2,097,152, the effects become so severe that the world seems to not render completely at certain angles. At X/Z ±16,777,216 (the point where 32-bit floating points stop having odd numbers), blocks are no longer solid, allowing the player to fall and hit a layer of lava, however the player can still swim through water. At X/Z ±33,554,432, this version's "Far Lands" start to generate. At X/Z ±2,147,483,647 (32-bit integer limit), terrain disappears completely. Unlike modern versions, the game does not crash or freeze. Instead, the world just cuts off without any negative effects.
  • The terrain generates much like it did during Classic.
  • The world now only generates grass, dirt, stone, water and dandelions for the terrain, and bricks and obsidian for generated structures.
Far Lands
  • As the world now generates infinitely (or at least to 32-bit integer limit), the world generation breaks at X/Z ±33,554,432, making all terrain go to maximum possible height.
  • Are a giant wall of stone blocks that go from sea level to the height limit.
Brick pyramids
  • Generates at the exact same positions regardless of world seed. The closest one to spawn is near X 500, Z 500.
Obsidian walls
  • Generate at 0 on X and Z axes.
  • Used to mark the center of a world.


  • A 1536×1536 test skybox, which is completely blue (hex:
    ). It spans from X/Z: -512 to +1024. Clouds also only exist between X/Z: -512 to +512



Debug screen
  • "T" value no longer displays values.
    • "O", "E", "B". and "I" values no longer function.


  • Blocks no longer update on their own.
    • This means that sand and gravel do not fall, crops and saplings do not grow, sponges do not work, and liquids do not spread.
Sand JE2 BE1 Sand and Gravel JE2 BE1 gravel
  • No longer generate in the map and are now unobtainable by normal means.


Apple JE1 BE1 Apples
  • Changed texture from Golden Helmet (item) JE1 BE1


Map configuration
Level saving
  • Level saving is no longer functional, as saving a level produces an empty .mclevel file.


  • Mobs no longer spawn, third person view does not render the player (although the camera is still pulled out), blocks no longer drop anything, and dropping items effectively deletes them.



Debug screen
  • Removed "L" lighting update value.


  • The player can place a block inside themselves.
  • The skybox cuts off after a while.
  • Chests and furnaces crash the game when opened, with a NullPointerException being thrown.
  • Some blocks do not display their textures when placed (fire, gears, torches, crops). They can still be selected though.
  • Furnaces do not have a face.
  • Fire cannot be extinguished normally. Punching the fire instead punches the block behind it. Mining the block below it turns the fire invisible, though it is still there. Placing a block on the fire (replacing the fire with the block) will remove the fire.
  • Torches cannot be placed on the sides of a block.


  • An early developer screenshot showed this version marked as "Minecraft Indev".[2]
  • This is the first time the world height was decreased.


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