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A version of Minecraft Indev was released on February 18, 2010,[1] at 00:16 UTC.



Third person view
  • Toggled by pressing F5.
Leaf Decay
  • Leaves will not decay if:
    • They are on top of a solid block.
    • They are on top of a leaf block.
    • There is a log within a 5x5x2 box around the leaf. (Note that the leaf does not have to touch the log.)
  • If these conditions are not met, the leaf decays.


  • Added new splashes:
    • "Bringing home the bacon!"
    • "Indie!"
    • "GOTY!"
    • "Ceci n'est pas une title screen!"
    • "Euclidian!"
    • "Now in 3D!"
    • "Inspirational!"
    • "Herregud!"
    • "Complex cellular automata!"
    • "Yes, sir!"
    • "Played by cowboys!"
    • "OpenGL 1.1!"
    • "Thousands of colors!"
    • "Try it!"
    • "Age of Wonders is better!"
    • "Try the mushroom stew!"
    • "Sensational!"
    • "Hot tamale, hot hot tamale!"
    • "Play him off, keyboard cat!"
    • "Guaranteed!"
    • "Macroscopic!",
    • "Bring it on!"
    • "Random splash!"
    • "Call your mother!"
    • "Monster infighting!"



  • Still water is no longer lighter than flowing water.
  • Due to invincibility frames, lava deals 1♥ damage per hit instead of 10♥♥♥♥♥ since the player takes damage from being on fire instead of the lava.


Leather Tunic JE1 BE1Chainmail Chestplate JE2 BE1Iron Chestplate JE1 BE1Golden Chestplate JE1 BE1Diamond Chestplate JE1 BE1 Armor
  • Now has durability based on the material.
  • Is now fully functional.
Arrow JE2 BE1 Arrows
  • Now bounce off the player in Peaceful mode instead of dealing ghost damage.


  • If an entity is missing its  Health NBT tag, now they set it to 10 health points by default.
  • Players' health saves now. Reloading a save no longer makes the player have full health again.
Skeleton JE1 Skeletons and Zombie JE1 zombies


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