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Minecraft Indev
Indev 2010-02-14 release 1.png

Java Edition

Release date

February 14, 2010


Client (.json)
No corresponding server

A version of Minecraft Indev was released on February 13, 2010.[citation needed]



Skeletons and zombies
  • Now don't attack the player in daylight unless provoked.
  • Eyes now glow.

World generation[edit]

Indev house
  • Now made of wooden planks and stone.


  • Allocated memory and free memory are only displayed if Show FPS is set to on.
    • The memory displayer is now formatted with the §7 code (light gray).


From Indev 20100207-2

  • Slabs no longer cause lighting issues.

From Indev 20100211

  • Hell worlds no longer start off fully bright before getting darkened.