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Minecraft Indev
Indev 20100206-2103.png

Java Edition

Release date

February 6, 2010


Pre-reupload unavailable
Client (.json)
No corresponding server



A version of Minecraft Indev was released on February 6, 2010.[1] It introduced farming, the hoe, seeds, wheat crops and bread.



Farmland JE3 BE3.pngMoist Farmland JE3 BE3.png Farmland
  • Right-click a dirt block using a hoe.
  • Get hydrated by Water and Infinite water and lava source blocks.
Wheat Age 0 JE1 BE1.pngWheat Age 1 JE1 BE1.pngWheat Age 2 JE1 BE1.pngWheat Age 3 JE1 BE1.pngWheat Age 4 JE1 BE1.pngWheat Age 5 JE1 BE1.pngWheat Age 6 JE1 BE1.pngWheat Age 7 JE1 BE1.png Wheat Crops
  • Grows in 8 stages.
  • In the 8th stage, can be used to harvest wheat.


Bread JE1 BE1.png Bread
  • New food item.
  • Restores 5♥♥♥ health.
Wooden Hoe JE1 BE1.pngStone Hoe JE1 BE1.pngIron Hoe JE1 BE1.pngGolden Hoe JE1 BE1.pngDiamond Hoe JE1 BE1.png Hoes
Wheat Seeds JE1 BE1.png Seeds
Wheat JE1 BE1.png Wheat
  • Can be used to craft bread.


  • Added food farming into the game.
  • Added 6 recipes for a total of 43.
Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Hoes Oak Planks or
Cobblestone or
Iron Ingot or
Diamond or
Gold Ingot +

Bread Wheat


  • Added new splashes:
    • "Exploding creepers!"
    • "That's not a moon!"
    • "l33t!"
    • "Create!"
    • "Survive!"
    • "Dungeon!"
    • "Exclusive!"
    • "The bee's knees!"
    • "Down with O.P.P.!"
    • "Closed source!"
    • "Classy!"
    • "Wow!"
    • "Not on steam!"
    • "9.95 euro!"
    • "Half price!"
    • "Oh man!"
    • "Check it out!"
    • "Awesome community!"
    • "Pixels!"
    • "Teetsuuuuoooo!"
    • "Kaaneeeedaaaa!"
    • "Now with difficulty!"
    • "Enhanced!"
    • "90% bug free!"
    • "Pretty!"
    • "12 herbs and spices!"
    • "Fat free!"
    • "Absolutely no memes!"
    • "Free dental!"
    • "Ask your doctor!"
    • "Minors welcome!"
    • "Cloud computing!"
    • "Legal in Finland!"
    • "Hard to label!"
    • "Technically good!"



Feather JE2 BE1.png Feathers
  • Changed texture from Feather JE1.png.
Golden Sword JE2 BE1.png Golden Pickaxe JE2 BE1.png Golden Axe JE2 BE1.png Golden Shovel JE2 BE1.png
Golden Helmet (item) JE1 BE1.png Apples
  • Changed texture from Apple JE1 BE1.png
  • Added gold armor sprites
  • Added diamond armor sprites
  • Removed studded armor sprites


  • Game version is no longer 0.31 but has been renamed to just "Minecraft Indev".
Debug screen
  • Added "C", "F", "O", "B", "I", and "T".[2]
    • C is rendered/total chunks.
    • F is chunks outside the field of view.
    • O is chunks culled by occlusion culling.
    • E is rendered/total entities.
    • B is entities culled by being in a chunk that can't be seen.
    • I is individually culled entities.
    • T is "terrain and lighting data".
  • Load level screen has a dirt background.
  • Pressing ESC pauses the game.
  • When mining, switching to the right tool no longer causes blocks to be instantly mined.
  • Removed very faint fog effects when Render Distance is set to "Far".
  • Mushroom Stew now restores 10♥♥♥♥♥ health.
  • Changed block place animation.
  • The dirt background on the title screen no longer moves upwards.
  • Plants can no longer be placed without the right block under them.
  • Plants now get removed when the block under them is removed.
  • The game will attempt to place a block on every right click.
    • If a block cannot be placed it will still play the arm swing animation if the target is within reach.


  • Mobs walking backwards is fixed.


The JAR's time is 29 minutes after the other Indev from this day. DBN's logs also show Notch saying arrows crash the game after the previous blog post, and arrows work fine in this version.[citation needed]



  1. Farming in minecraft – The Word of Notch, February 6, 2010
  2. "Do we know what the upper-left values mean?" (archived) by Meren, quoting Notch – Minecraft Forum, February 15, 2010. "That's a bunch of internal debugging. C = rendered/total chunks. F = chunks that were outside the view fustum, O = chunks that culled by occlusion testing. E = rendered/total entities. B = entities culled by implication of the chunks (an entity inside a hidden chunk cannot be seen), I = individually culled entities. P = Partices. T = a bunch of terrain and lighting data, this varies a lot per release."