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Indev 0.31 2010-01-11 release 1.png

Java Edition

Release date

January 11, 2010


Client (.json)
No corresponding server

A version of Indev 0.31 was released on January 10, 2010.[1]



Flint and Steel JE1.png Flint and steel
  • Used to place fire.
Iron Axe JE1.png Axes
  • New tool.
  • Used to gather wood four times faster than by hand.
Iron Pickaxe JE1.png Pickaxes
  • New tool.
  • Can be used to gather types of stone four times faster than by hand.
Bow JE1.png Bows



  • Now sets fire to flammable materials.


  • All items can now catch fire.
  • Mining a block with the wrong tool is now 50% slower.
  • Rearranged the hotbar to include a shovel, pickaxe, axe, flint and steel, and 99 of wool, glass, torches, TNT and bookshelves.
  • 99 apples can be found in the inventory instead of the previously unused items.[verify]
  • Now edible.
    • Restores 4♥♥ when eaten.
  • Can now be used to gather dirt or sand four times faster than by hand.


  • All mobs can now catch fire.

World generation[edit]

  • Islands now have more sand.


  • Multiplayer is now made fully inaccessible and attempting to connect to a server will crash the game, although multiplayer code still exists in the game.
  • Players can place against bedrock on the edges of the world.[verify]



  • Blocks no longer get "eaten" when attempting to place at height limit.[verify]

From Indev 20091223-1

  • The top of the map is no longer fully dark.[verify]


  • Due to the addition of tools to mine certain blocktypes faster, there is now a bug where switching an item while mining causes the game to cycle through the entire terrain.png file and overlay its textures on the mined block.(Starts from the cracked animation textures).[2]
  • Sand and gravel no longer falls when placed above ground, it needs a block update first.[verify]
  • This version had a bug which caused the player to drop two items at once when the Q key was pressed. Going back to pick up the items would only give back 1 though. Due to this bug if the player has 2 of a block, then drops the block, it will create an infinite item glitch allowing the player to continue dropping items and be left with 1 item in the inventory each time. Picking up the dropped items would now affect the item count nor stop the glitch.
    • It is unknown when this bug was added or removed.


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