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A version of Indev 0.31 was released on December 31, 2009 at 22:57 UTC.[1][2][3]


Non-mob entities[]

  • Re-added block drops and primed TNT.
    • Acted differently from their Classic counterparts - instead of falling then spinning while glowing, it drops like the entity sign similar to the one in Survival Test.
    • Other entities such as arrows and mobs that were not Rana have still not been re-implemented.
    • Removed the "pulse" from hotbar items when new items get added to their stack.
    • Primed TNT no longer flashes white, it instead turns a shade darker.
    • Primed TNT no longer gives off particles.
    • Primed TNT can no longer be diffused.



  • Can now be dropped with Q.
  • Functionless non-block items.
  • Were 2D models at the time.[4]
  • All items are given to the player in their inventory.




  • Hotbar now only contains 99 TNT and bookshelves.



  • Now get placed instead of eaten.[verify]


  • Placing an item into an armor slot, then taking it out and dropping it with an open inventory allows you to grab the armor sprite item. See the gallery for more information.
    • Note that placing the sprite down causes it to disappear.
  • Dropped items sometimes glitch out, creating an item that cannot be picked up, but attempting to causes the player to gain one of that item per tick. See the gallery for more information.


  • This is the last version released in 2009 and in the 2000s decade.
  • This is the first version to introduce items that do not correspond to blocks, which initiates the distinction between "items" and "blocks" in the game.



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