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Reason: The two versions should perhaps have seperate pages - literally, all of Indev is a reupload, since there's no version numbers to identify them apart in-game, but it would be silly to have all of Infdev on one page. As such, in-223-2 and in-223-3 should both count as their own versions
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The pre-reupload version of this version is currently missing. 
This version has been reuploaded at one point in time. While the reuploaded version has been archived, the pre-reupload has not, meaning that it is currently lost.
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Indev 0.31 20091223-1459.png

Java Edition

Release date

December 23, 2009


Client (.json)
No corresponding server



A version of Indev 0.31, also known as Java Edition Indev 0.31 20091223-1559, was released on December 23, 2009 at 14:59 UTC.[1][2]



Torch JE1.png Wall Torch (S) JE1.png Torches[2]



Grass Block JE2.png Grass blocks
  • Can now grow in slightly lit areas.
Oak Sapling JE2.png Saplings
  • Do not decay in slightly lit tiles.
Water JE11.gif Water
  • Changed the side texture of water.
    • It now has vertical lines flowing down it.[verify]
Oak Leaves JE2.png Leaves
  • Now produce shadows.
    • The ground immediately around tree logs is now dirt due to this.



This version was recompiled and reuploaded to fix an issue where players were having difficulty downloading the pre-reupload due to an incorrect al_version.


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