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Combat Test 7c is the seventh experimental version of a future combat revision.[1] Although it is a development version for a future release, this combat experiment is a fork of 1.16.2. This version was released only on Reddit, so it does not appear in the launcher or in any Minecraft.net blog post.

Two private testing versions of Combat Test 7c were developed: Combat Test 7 and Combat Test 7b, given to testers on August 12 and August 13, 2020, respectively.



  • Made weapon enchantments available to axes if they are applied from a book in an anvil.
  • Removed bow inaccuracy for holding too long.


  • Returned the "200% time" attacks ("charged" attacks below) and the +1 reach bonus.
    • Missed attacks do not count as charged and are still fast.
    • Players cannot get the reach bonus while crouching.
  • Added a hard-coded single tick to the attack rate when auto-attacking, instead of being 20% slower.
  • Returned sweeping to only work for charged attacks and when having the Sweeping enchantment.
  • Returned base reach to 2.5 blocks.
  • Removed the eating interruption for getting hit.
  • Returned the attack indicator.
  • Shields now add a 50% knockback resistance when active.
  • Shields are now always instant.
  • Shields protect against 100% explosion damage.


From the previous development version
  • Netherite weapons have updated stats.
  • Using shields while crouching is now no longer desynchronized when attacking air.
  • Players in spectator mode can no longer sweep in the air.
  • Knockback attribute no longer have a random chance to completely prevent knockback.
  • Fixed player speed bug for crouching vs using shield.


  • Combat Tests 7 and 7b were secret development snapshots tested by selected members of the community ("@CodingCookey and his friends" according to jeb_'s reddit post). There are no official post about these combat tests.[1][2]


Video made by slicedlime:


  1. Unzip this file in the .minecraft/versions folder.


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