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1.8.2 is a server version of Java Edition Classic released on June 20, 2009, at 21:09 UTC.[1] It is compatible with all versions between 0.0.20a_01 and 0.0.23a_01. Versions 0.24 through 0.27 can connect, but they do not function due to the lack of survival mode support on the server at this time, as well as the addition of new blocks.


  • Fixed players being able to break unbreakable blocks.[1]


  1. a b "New minecraft-server.zip, new client" – Notch, June 20, 2009, Tumblr – This blog post mentions that it fixed players being able to build using unbreakable blocks, which is also mentioned in the IRC logs: "P4:09:25 <Notch> new minecraft-server.zip that doesn't allow that block" (21:09:25 UTC).