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1.4 was a server version of Java Edition Classic released on June 13, 2009,[1] at 13:30 UTC.[2]




  • The server now checks all incoming strings, verifies that they are all within reasonable limits, and kicks the sender if they are not.[1]
  • Server output is now logged in file server.log.[4]


  • Fixed an exploit where people could crash everyone connected to a server by sending a fake text message.[1]
    • The client would gladly attempt to render weird unicode characters, but would crash when trying to look up entry ten thousand in a 256 entry array.[1]


Server 1.4 was reuploaded at 14:22 UTC[5] (52 minutes after release) to fix a bug where the player could click outside of the map.[6][7]


  • June 13 IRC logs: IRC logs on Archive.org; #minecraft.20090613.log. June 13, 2009 (UTC−5).
  • June 14 IRC logs: IRC logs on Archive.org; #minecraft.20090614.log. June 14, 2009 (UTC−5).
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