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1.3 is a server version of Java Edition Classic released with client version 0.0.17a on June 10, 2009.[1]


  • Added server support for the admin command /setspawn.
  • Pressing Tab ↹ now shows all players logged in to the server.
  • Chat now shows the full log of recent messages.
  • Name security.[more information needed]
  • Server-side client verification.
  • Add logged-in.txt server file.[more information needed]


  • Made /ban-ip work more intuitively.
  • Changed the behavior of private server addresses.
  • No level generation or loading in MP mode.[more information needed]


  • Fixed the server heartbeat check pausing the game.
  • Fixed players' spawn location changing to default when they log in.
  • Fixed the game not starting on Mac OS computers.
  • Clients can no longer spam ping requests.
  • Various server fill exploit preventions, players can no longer create lava floods.


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