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For developmental versions of 0.26, see Java Edition Classic 0.26 SURVIVAL TEST/Development.
Note: This version is not available in the launcher and is considered lost.

0.26 SURVIVAL TEST[1] was a version of Survival Test released on October 24, 2009, at roughly 00:13 UTC.[1] This version is not available in the launcher.



  • Created by pressing F5.


Spider JE2 BE1 Spiders


Smooth Stone Slab (centered) JE1 BE1 Stone slabs[5]
Block of Iron JE1 BE1 Iron block
  • 10 are given to the player upon world generation.
  • Explosions would not ignite TNT, instead they blew it up like any other block.[verify]
Mossy Cobblestone JE1 Mossy cobblestone
Bricks JE1 Bricks
  • Currently unobtainable.
Bookshelf JE1 Bookshelf
  • Currently impossible to obtain without a pre-edited map.
  • Can be broken by explosions.
  • Drops nothing when broken.
Cobweb (texture) JE0 BE0 Web block
  • Added texture to terrain.png, block cannot be obtained by any means.


  • Frame rate limiter.



Creeper JE2 BE1 Creepers
  • Changed texture from Creeper JE1
  • Now show explosion particles upon death.[1]
  • Cannot destroy dirt-type blocks.


  • Pressing B no longer places a sign.
  • Blocks immediately on top of water no longer cause a shadow on its surface.
  • Shrunk the hitbox of all plants.
  • The player can now deal damage faster.
Menu screens
  • Gradient for backgrounds was disabled.
    • This means that the death screen is no longer tinted red, and the menu screens are no longer tinted gray.


Stone JE2 BE1 Stone
Coal Ore JE1 BE1 Coal ore
Gold Ore JE2 BE1 Gold ore
Block of Gold JE2 Block of gold
  • Changed texture from Block of Gold JE1
  • Obtained from mined gold ore.
Iron Ore JE1 BE1 Iron ore


Spider texture[]

  • There is a common misconception that spiders were brown in this version. However, a thorough technical analysis of available evidence has revealed that they were almost certainly black.
    • Various evidence has been referenced to support that spiders were brown in this version, but each one has now been countered.
      • Notch posted a screenshot[3] and video[4] of brown spiders at October 23, 2009 14:49 UTC and October 23, 2009 22:34 UTC, respectively. Each showed "0.26 SURVIVAL TEST" in the top-left corner.
        • However, that screenshot and video were created before this version was released to the public.[1]
        • Thus, they prove that the spiders were brown during this version's development, but they do not prove so for this version's release.
      • An error screenshot shown to Notch in a forum had as a background an unfamiliar brown texture filling the game screen. The player said they got the error upon being killed by a spider. The screenshot shows "0.26 SURVIVAL TEST" in the corner. There have been claims that this screenshot's background is a close-up of the brown spider texture.
        • However, that screenshot's background has now been reproduced using adjacent dirt blocks.[6]
        • This almost certainly proves that the player got the error while closely facing adjacent dirt blocks and that it almost certainly was not a screenshot of a spider.
      • Someone other than Notch made a gameplay video of this version[7], which shows "0.26 SURVIVAL TEST" in the corner. There have been claims that unusual brown shapes in the distance are brown spiders.
        • This video is low-resolution (480p), so objects in the distance are hard to identify.
        • Any known claims of brown spiders in this video have now been shown to be various arrangements of dirt and grass blocks.
    • Further, evidence has now been identified that almost certainly proves that spiders were black in this version's release.
      • Here is a timeline of events supporting that they were black:
        • October 23, 2009 23:38 UTC: TIGSource forums user Xion commented on Notch's brown spider blog post, suggesting to darken the spider texture and give it red eyes.[8]
        • October 23, 2009, 23:45 UTC: The spider.png texture file is changed at this time, and this file had not been changed by the time 0.27 Survival Test was released, as shown by spider.png in this latter version's jar having the same modify date. This means it's almost a certainty that the spider.png in this latter version (and therefore all spiders in-game) looks exactly as it did in the 0.26 Survival Test.
        • October 23, 2009, 23:48 UTC: Notch asks, "Like this?" on TIGSource forums in response to Xion's suggestion.[9] Although this question no longer has an accompanying picture, review of the evidence shows that it was more likely than not had a screenshot initially, displaying the spider texture that had been modified 3 minutes earlier.
        • October 24, 2009, 00:13 UTC: Version 0.26 Survival Test was released to the general public at roughly this time, which is the time of Notch's October 24 "Survival mode updated..." blog post.[1]
        • October 24, 2009, 00:29 UTC: TIGSource forums user deathtotheweird answers Notch with, "that looks better," and mentions having just been attacked by a spider.[6]
      • In the jar of version 0.27 Survival Test, the spider.png texture file has a modify date of October 23, 2009, 23:45 UTC.
        • Since this time is roughly 28 minutes before the release of the 0.26 Survival Test, it is almost a certainty that this version of spider.png was included in that release's jar file.
        • Therefore, considering that the October 23, 2009, 23:45 UTC version of spider.png is the one defining that spiders are black with red eyes in 0.27 Survival Test, then it is almost a certainty that 0.26 Survival Test had the same black spider appearance at the time of public release.
      • Additionally, the modify date of spider.png is 7 minutes after Xion suggested changing the spider's appearance, supporting that the change was in response to his suggestion. Further support for this is Notch's follow-up post 3 minutes after the spider's texture was modified.


  1. TIGSource forums use UTC-8.
  2. Note the region marked with green in gallery image "Proof_not_brown_spider_1.png". When turned 45 degrees counter-clockwise, this marked region is exactly what is shown as the background of the error screenshot that is often claimed to show the texture of a brown spider. It is merely a close-up of diagonally adjacent dirt blocks.