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Note: This version is not available in the launcher and is considered lost.

0.25 SURVIVAL TEST was a version of Java Edition Classic released on September 3, 2009,[1] at around 16:13 UTC.[2]



  • Added saving and loading of worlds.[3]



  • Hostile mobs are now more dangerous.
    • Mobs are now faster.[4]
    • Mobs can now see the player from further away.[5]
    • Mobs will now anger toward the player if attacked, regardless of the distance between the player and mob (evident when shooting arrows).
  • Mobs now respawn over time.
    • Lone mobs lose health over time and eventually die.
  • Hostile mobs can now fight each other.[6]
    • For example, if a skeleton shoots another hostile mob, that mob will fight back that skeleton.
      • Skeletons do not fight other skeletons.
Pig JE1 Pigs
Skeleton JE1 Skeletons
  • Now fire Purple Arrow purple arrows.
  • Killing a skeleton now makes 4–9[7] arrows drop with random velocities around the skeleton's corpse.

Non-mob entities[]

  • Texture changed from Arrow JE1 to Arrow JE2 BE1
  • Now fly further.


  • Now spawns with 20 arrows.
  • Can now damage themself with arrows.
  • Score is now displayed in the top-right corner.



  • Arrows now deal damage after flying for more than 1 second.[9]
  • Fixed being able to hit monsters through walls.


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