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For developmental versions of 0.24, see Java Edition Classic 0.24 SURVIVAL TEST/Development.
Note: This version is not available in the launcher and is considered lost.

0.24_SURVIVAL_TEST[1] was a version of Classic and the first version of Survival Test, released on September 1, 2009,[2] at 16:54 UTC.[3]



Sign Entity Signs[4]
  • Added as an entity.
  • Can be spawned by pressing B.
  • Cannot be edited.
  • Always says: "This is a test of the signs. Each line can be 15 chars!".


Arrow JE1 Arrows
  • Can be shot by pressing Tab ↹.
    • Took 7 shots to kill mobs. Deal 3♥♥ damage.


Creeper JE1 Creepers
  • Are a lot darker than normal.
    • Return to normal when hit.
  • Explode on death.
  • Deal 2♥ to 6♥♥♥ damage upon hit and up to 12♥ × 6 damage upon death in its explosion.[verify]
  • They make melee attacks instead of blowing up near the player.
Pig JE1 Pigs
Skeleton JE1 Skeletons
  • Deal 1♥ to 6♥♥♥ damage.
Zombie JE2 BE1 Zombies
  • Deal 1♥ to 7♥♥♥♥ damage.


Survival mode
  • Score can only be seen after death.
  • Killing zombies give 100 points.
  • Killing skeletons give 100 points.
  • Killing creepers give 250 points.
  • Killing pigs give 10 points.
  • Visual feature only, provides no protection.
  • Can only be worn as a helmet or chestplate by zombies and skeletons.
  • Re-added sapling particles, although they are now darker than before.[verify]
  • Blocks and mobs are now able to drop items:
    • Most blocks drop themselves, with exceptions:
    • Leaves drop saplings (110 chance).
    • Grass block drops dirt.
    • Logs drop 3-5 planks.


Options menu
  • Bobbing and the View Bobbing option added.
  • 3D anaglyph added.
  • Level size options under "Generate New Level" are now closer together.



  • Mobs and players jump back and flash white when taking damage and have a dying animation.
  • Enemies fall over when killed.
  • Changed skin from Steve Revision 1 to Steve, removing the beard.
  • Can no longer be spawned by pressing G.


  • Right-click to build and left-click to mine.
  • The player can auto-jump again.
  • Player reach reduced by 1 block.
Block outline
  • White block selection box removed.
    • As a result of this, saplings and flowers no longer disappear if selected in darkness.


Red Mushroom JE1Brown Mushroom JE1 Mushrooms
  • Brown mushrooms heal 5♥♥♥ when eaten.
  • Red mushroom deplete 3♥♥ when eaten.
  • Mushrooms no longer decay in darkness.
Oak Sapling JE2 Saplings
  • Will now grow into a tree if there is enough space and it is placed on grass.

World generation[]

  • New level generator.
    • More cliffs.
    • Longer and narrower caves.
      • The deeper down in the world, the bigger the caves are.
    • A layer of lava now generates above the bedrock layer.[5]


  • Faster rendering.


  • Removed Creative mode.
  • Removed liquid raising, although sand and gravel will still fall through liquids.


  • If a creeper blows up a liquid, the liquid will drop itself.[1][6]
  • Cracking animation only shows on one side of a block.[7]
  • Skeletons can enter 1-block high holes.[verify]
  • Minecraft crashed upon loading for some users.[8]
  • OpenGL invalid value bug.[9]
  • Arrows do not deal damage after flying for more than 1 second.
  • Middle-clicking a block (pick-block) adds it into the player's inventory even when they do not yet have that block.[10]
    • Only works on blocks that could previously be copied.[11]
    • Doing so will replace the block type of whatever you are holding, but not its amount.
  • Placing a block at the build limit will consume the block, destroying it without placing anything.
  • Looking at glass no longer makes glass textures directly behind it disappear.[verify]
  • Walking on the very edge of a block will cause the amount of sounds required to play to build up. Once the player stands on a block, those sounds play every 0.125 seconds.



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