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Note: This version is not available in the launcher and is considered lost.

0.0.9a[1][2][3] was a version of Classic released on May 16, 2009, at 19:15 UTC,[4][5] which added a new building mode and a counter for displaying frame rate and chunk updates, and changed the resolution.

Notch did not release versions 0.0.4a through 0.0.8a, assuming they existed to begin with.[note 1]



  • Right-click switches between placing and destroying modes.[7]
    • Selecting a block now shows a white overlay on all sides of the block.





2 bugs fixed
  • Fixed a graphical glitch with preview tiles in the newly added build mode.[citation needed]
  • Players can no longer build inside of themselves.


  • The white screen issue from 0.0.3a still affects the game.[8][9]


Videos recorded in the original 0.0.9a:


  1. A screenshot of 0.0.9a was released an hour after Notch announced the release of a new version,[4] which in turn was an hour after the previous version announcement, which was for 0.0.3a.[6]
  2. This change possibly happened at least as far back as mc-161607, because it was tested that 1024x768 resolution makes the version number on the top left corner slightly stretched by a few pixels, indicating that the change happened in an earlier version.


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