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Note: This version is not available in the launcher and is considered lost.

0.0.2a[1] was the first version of Classic released on May 16, 2009, at 17:05 UTC,[2] which added a version number and fixed some issues with the mouse look.



Version number[2]
  • Located in the top-left corner.
  • Added a frame rate and chunk update counter.
    • Located in the top left corner, below the version number.
    • Before this, the game would output the current FPS and any chunk updates to the developer console.


1 bug fixed
  • Fixed more issues with mouse looking.[3]


2 bugs reported
  • When a key is pressed down and the game is blurred without being clicked out of, the game will still register that key being pressed.[4] This still occurs in modern Minecraft, making this the game's oldest bug.[5]
  • Some issues reported were low sensitivity, crashing,[6] jerky mouse looking,[7] and low FPS.[8]


  • This was deemed "relatively stable" by Notch, and the URL for the game was posted to other users in the IRC channel.[9]
  • This was the first version of Minecraft to have its code obfuscated.


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