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For the 2019 remake, see Classic 0.0.23a_01 (remake).

0.0.23a_01[1] is a version of Classic released on July 11, 2009,[2][3] at 14:35 UTC.[4] It is the last version of Multiplayer Test. This version is not available in the launcher, but has been archived elsewhere.


  • Added a keymapping to control render distance.[5]
    • Players can once again press F to toggle render distance.[6]


To celebrate 10 years of Minecraft, a JavaScript remake of this version was uploaded to the Minecraft website and made it possible to play multiplayer with up to 9 others through the browser. This version can be played at classic.minecraft.net.[7]


  • Notch planned to refactor the version naming system after this version, removing the second zero and the "a", becoming the format "<major version>.<release number>[_<patch number>]". As an example, since this was the most recent version at the time, "0.0.23a_01" would be called "0.23_01" with such a system.[2] However, this version was never actually given this name outside of this example.
    • This format was also used somewhat in Beta.



  • IRC logs on Archive.org; #minecraft.20090711.log. July 11, 2009 (UTC−5).
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