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Note: This version is not available in the launcher and is considered lost.

0.0.23a was a version of Java Edition Classic released on July 11, 2009, at around 14:16 UTC.[1][2]


Options menu
  • Customizable controls.[3]
    • Controls can be edited by navigating through the pause menu opened by pressing Esc.[3][4]
    • Players can no longer move with the arrow keys by default, instead, they move using WASD keys.
    • Pressing F no longer toggles the render distance.[5] as it is now set as an option.[6]
  • There are now separate options to turn off/on sounds and music.
  • FPS meter removed unless the "Show FPS" option is set.[7]
  • Clicking a player's name under the Tab menu pastes their name into the chat.[8]


  • Changed texture for menu buttons.
Water and lava
  • Sand and gravel no longer "fall" on top of water or lava as if it were a solid block.
    • Instead, they will fall through the liquid, and the liquid will replace the location where the block was placed.
    • This liquid was stationary but will flow once updated.
  • Pressing the ⊞ Windows key will no longer allow for jumping.


  • Classic 0.0.23a has the highest minor version number of all Java Edition versions, at "23". The highest in Java Edition Alpha is "17", with Alpha v1.0.17; the highest in Bedrock Edition is "221", with 1.16.221; the highest in Bedrock Edition development versions is "230" with 1.16.230 beta; and the highest in the full release of Java Edition is "10", with 1.7.10.


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