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This version is currently missing. 
While this version is known to exist, it is missing from the launcher and has not been archived elsewhere, meaning that it is currently lost.
If you believe you have a copy of this version, please post on the talk page.

Java Edition

Server version


Release date

June 29, 2009



Protocol version




0.0.22a[1] was a version of Java Edition Classic released on June 29, 2009, at 21:56 UTC.[2] This version is not available in the launcher.

0.0.22a was reuploaded at 21:58 UTC to fix players not being able to connect to servers.[3]


  • Added unused wood click.ogg sound.


  • Replaced the FPS meter with a frame-rate limiter.[11]
    • FPS is now limited to 200.
  • Brightened the texture of lava.[12]


  • Pre-reupload: Players can no longer connect to servers.[13]
  • Sounds are very laggy and choppy in this version for some users.[14][15]
  • Walking sounds continue for a while after the player stops moving.[16]
  • Breaking a plant in darkness no longer produces particles. [verify]


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