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Note: This version is not available in the launcher and is considered lost.

0.0.20a was a version of Classic released on June 20, 2009, at 20:53 UTC.[1][2]



  • Accessed by pressing B and lists all available blocks.[1][3]
    • All available blocks previously used to be on the hotbar.[4]


  • White Cloth White
  • Light Gray Cloth Light Gray
  • Dark Gray Cloth Dark Gray
  • Red Cloth Red
  • Orange Cloth Orange
  • Yellow Cloth Yellow
  • Chartreuse Cloth Chartreuse
  • Green Cloth Green
  • Spring Green Cloth Spring Green
  • Cyan Cloth Cyan
  • Capri Cloth Capri
  • Ultramarine Cloth Ultramarine
  • Violet Cloth Violet
  • Purple Cloth Purple
  • Magenta Cloth Magenta
  • Rose Cloth Rose
Dandelion JE1 Dandelion[1][6]
Rose JE1 Rose[1][6]
Red Mushroom JE1 Red Mushroom[1][7]
Brown Mushroom JE1 Brown Mushroom[1][7]
  • Mushrooms and flowers decay when in darkness.[8]
Block of Gold JE1 Block of Gold[1][9]


  • /solid[1][10]
    • Used to toggle between placing normal stone and unbreakable bedrock.


  • Players can no longer destroy unbreakable blocks, although admins can.[1][11]
  • Cobblestone and sand are now available again through the new inventory.
  • The scroll wheel for block selection was inverted.[12]
  • Removed the FPS limiter because it would cause the computer's clock to speed up.[13]
  • Made the player and human skin darker.


  • Human mobs no longer have glitched skins.
  • Water texture no longer overlaps, causing z-fighting.[verify]


  • Players can no longer connect to some servers.[14]
  • Players can no longer break bedrock in singleplayer.[15]


  • IRC logs on Archive.org; #minecraft.20090620.log. June 20, 2009 (UTC−5).
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