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Not to be confused with Classic 0.0.18a_02.

At least one unreleased development version of the game labelled 0.0.18a_02 was developed on June 19, 2009. They show in-development features later included in 0.0.19a and later releases.

New blocks showcase (June 16, 2009)[]

Crying Obsidian Programmer Art
This section documents an unreleased version. 
While there is proof of this version's existence, it was never released to the public.

Word of Notch post

  • Blocks
    • Glass JE1 Glass
      • Uses an ugly, very streaky texture. This texture did not make it into 0.0.19a, but did make a brief return in 0.0.19a_01.
    • Sponge JE1 BE1 Sponge