Java Edition Classic 0.0.14a_06

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This version is currently missing. 
While this version is known to exist it is missing from the launcher and has not been archived elsewhere, meaning that it is currently lost.
If you believe you have a copy of this version, please post on the talk page.

Java Edition

Server version


Release date

May 28, 2009



0.0.14a_06 was a version of Java Edition Classic released on May 28, 2009, at 18:23 UTC.[1]


  • Attempted to fix mouse movement code again, but this was once again unsuccessful.[2]
    • Only occurs when the mouse is moved quickly.[3]


  • IRC logs, #minecraft.20090528.log (May 28, 2009, UTC+2)
  1. IRC logs: "(20:23:30) <@notch> mezo: Reload the page, you should get _06" (18:23 UTC)
  2. IRC logs: "(20:23:30) <@notch> does the mouse work better now?" [...] "(20:24:54) <mezo> nah still bugged", "(20:25:11) <@notch> I don't know if I can fix it, then" (18:23 to 18:25 UTC)
  3. IRC logs: "(20:28:33) <Adamwest> Just tried out _06, ti's only when you turn fast" (18:28 UTC)