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0.0.13a_03[1] is a version of Java Edition Classic released on May 22, 2009, at 18:13 UTC.[2]

A version of 0.0.13a_03 repackaged with signature files from 2013 is available in the launcher. Another version with a date of 2009 has also been archived, bit-for-bit identical (aside from signature files)[note 1] and with no difference in gameplay.

Information about 0.0.13a_01 and 0.0.13a_02 is unknown.


  • Humans no longer spawn on level generation.
  • Lava lakes no longer spawn above sea level.
  • Pressing ESC while in a menu will exit out of the menu.


1 bug fixed
  • Fixed a bug on level saving by updating the LWJGL version.[3]


  • This is the earliest version in the launcher that is not a developer build.



  1. Excluding the files in the META-INF folder (signature files, which are unrelated to actual properties of the game), all contents of for the 2009 and 2013 variants of this version were compared at the byte level and found to be identical.