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For developmental versions of 0.0.12a, see Java Edition Classic 0.0.12a/Development.
Note: This version is not available in the launcher and is considered lost.

0.0.12a[1] was a version of Classic released on May 19, 2009, at 22:36 UTC.[2][note 1] It added bedrock, water and lava, along with a world boundary and a new world generator.



Bedrock JE1 BE1 Bedrock
  • Unobtainable to the player.
  • Initially referred to as "unbreakable stone".
  • Bedrock and the layer above (if at the bottom of the world) is always dark even if exposed to the sky.
  • Cannot be broken, placed against, or otherwise selected.
Water JE1 Water
  • A type of liquid.
  • Does not drown the player.
  • Is transparent.
  • Spreads infinitely.
  • Water does not work outside the map (it won't spread from world border after terrain generation).[3]
Lava JE1 Lava
  • A type of liquid.
  • Originally was transparent, just like water.
  • Underneath lava, the mist is thin and orange in color.
  • Does not deal damage to the player.
  • Spreads infinitely.

World generation[]

World boundary
  • An infinite ocean now surrounds the map.
  • The player can no longer pass the edge of the map.
  • Water next to lava will not produce stone upon world generation.


  • Pressing F cycles between four levels of render distance.[4]
  • Pressing N generates a new level, with a new level generation screen.[4]
  • Only applies to players. Humans move at full speed in the water. Was originally much slower than in later Classic versions.



Steve Revision 1 Humans
  • No longer get reset on level reset, meaning there is no way to get rid of mobs now.[5]
  • Water and lava now flow to fill any available space below or next to it.[6]
    • With just one water source the entire world will be flooded.[7]
  • Water next to lava produces stone.
  • Player jump height increased by about 0.5 blocks.[8]

World generation[]

New level generator
  • Terrain is messier with more bumps visible on the surface. It also now generates in islands.
  • The terrain always generates one block above ocean level.
  • Lakes occur when the surrounding water is at a higher level than the terrain.
  • All dirt with access to sunlight will not become grass block upon world generation if below water level.
  • Lava lakes also spawn occasionally.
  • Worlds made before this version will receive a bedrock layer at the bottom of the map and an ocean surrounding it.


1 bug reported
  • The block being used to build does not show up unless it is a sapling.[9]


  • The video released by Notch on May 18th showing off 0.0.12a is actually a developer variant that was never released to the public. See Development for more information on this.
  • To make the water and lava texture display slightly shorter than a block, it's texture from terrain.png gets shifted down a bit in-game. This causes the texture to overlap with the block below at some angles.
  • The 0.0.13a-launcher jar contains the level generation files for this same version, which is also the same terrain generation files used in the full, public release of it (and 0.0.12a_01-03). It has variables that can enable and disable the uniform dirt layer, and it has been disabled for the public variant of 0.0.12a (or at least 0.0.12a_03 for certain). It also has variables for the water filling up the world from the corners, which can be disabled.


  1. While some sources imply that this version was released on May 20, due to timezones differences it was actually released at 22:36 UTC on May 19 (which is 00:36 on May 20, Sweden time).


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