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"Beta 1.7" redirects here. For beta versions of Bedrock Edition 1.7.0, see Bedrock Edition 1.7.0/Development versions.
For a guide about all content in this release and the other releases of Beta 1.7, see Java Edition guides/Beta 1.7 releases.
The .EXE file for this server version is currently missing. 
While the .JAR file for this server version has been archived, the .EXE file has not, meaning that it is currently lost.
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Beta 1.7[1] is a version of Java Edition Beta released on June 30, 2011, which adds pistons and shears among other changes.



Piston (U) JE1 Pistons
  • Can push blocks when powered by redstone.
Sticky Piston (U) JE1 Sticky Pistons
  • Can push and pull blocks when powered by redstone.


Shears JE1 BE1 Shears
  • New tool.
  • Used to pick up leaves.
  • Used to obtain wool from a sheep without harming it.
    • Yields more wool than killing sheep.


Silverfish JE1 BE1 Silverfish
  • Texture was added.
    • It cannot be summoned, as there was no AI for it.



  • The gray textures in the breaking animation have been replaced with opacity.
  • Texture changed from Bricks JE2 BE1 to Bricks JE3.
  • Texture changed from Cobblestone JE2 to Cobblestone JE3.
Cobweb JE1 BE1 Cobwebs
  • Now requires shears or a sword to be broken properly, and drops 1 string when destroyed.
Oak Fence (EW) JE1 Fences
  • Can now place any block on the top.
Sandstone Slab JE1Oak Slab JE1 BE1Cobblestone Slab JE2 BE2Seamless Stone Slab JE1 Slabs
  • Single slabs now use the bottom half of the full block's texture.


Flint and Steel JE3 BE1 Flint and steel
  • Now required to trigger TNT JE2 BE1TNT.


  • When pressing F3 in-game, a value ("F") from 0 to 3 will appear to indicate direction.
Texture packs
  • The bed side texture has been moved in the texture pack file, as well as the cake texture.


Orange Sheep JE1Magenta Sheep JE1Light Blue Sheep JE1Yellow Sheep JE1Lime Sheep JE1Pink Sheep JE1Gray Sheep JE1Light Gray Sheep JE1Cyan Sheep JE1Purple Sheep JE1Blue Sheep JE1Green Sheep JE1Brown Sheep JE1Red Sheep JE1Black Sheep JE1
  • No longer drop wool from punching them, they must be either sheared or killed.


  • Right-clicking on a sheep causes the game to crash.


2 bugs fixed
  • Fixed clay generation.
  • Squid can now despawn.


An official video documenting some of Beta 1.7's major features was released on Mojang's official YouTube channel on May 24, 2011. The video was made by Hat Films. Made before Java Edition was officially released (and long before 1.7 came out), the trailer omits “Beta” when referring to the version number.