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This article is missing information about bugs that have been fixed in Beta 1.6 that haven't been tested in this version. 
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Beta 1.6 Test Build 3 is a version used to test Java Edition Beta 1.6 the day before its release. It was never officially released to the public, however, both the client and the server are packed in an archive that can be found on the legacy update server.[2]



Dead Bush JE1 BE1 Dead bush
Grass JE1 Grass
  • Found in certain biomes.
  • Seeds are now found in grass; using a hoe on the ground no longer yields seeds.
Fern JE1 Fern
  • Has the same characteristics as grass.
Oak Trapdoor JE1 BE1 Trapdoor


Map (item) JE1 BE1 Maps
  • Lets the player scope out different biomes.


  • Added "It's groundbreaking!"
  • Added "Let our battle's begin!"
  • Added "The sky is the limit!"

Command format[]

  • Added new settings:
    • view-distance.
    • allow-nether.





  • Blocks destroyed by other players in multiplayer now show the breaking block particle effect.
  • It's no longer possible to build solid blocks on the top layer of the map.
  • Blocks that don't change appearance when the data changes don't send block updates when their data changes now.
Red Bed JE1 BE1 Beds
  • Trying to sleep in the nether causes the bed to explode.
Dispenser (S) JE1 Dispensers
  • When activated, it will make sounds and trigger particles in multiplayer.
Oak Door (Right) JE4 BE1 Doors
  • Now make sound for other players in multiplayer.
Fire JE1 Fire
  • Has been severely nerfed so it spreads slower, and doesn't spread infinitely.
Ice (item) JE1 BE1 Ice
  • Now regenerates regardless of whether it's snowing or not
Jukebox JE1 BE1 Jukebox
Red Mushroom JE2Brown Mushroom JE2 Mushrooms
  • Now spread, albeit slowly.
Powered Rail (NS) JE2 BE2Powered Powered Rail (NS) JE2 BE2 Powered rails
  • Now speedier to offset the loss of glitch-boosters.
Water JE11 Water
  • Below a layer of source blocks no longer behaves like source blocks.


Arrow JE2 BE1 Arrows
  • When shot by one player, can now be picked up by other players.

Non-mob entities[]

Oak Boat JE1 Boats & Minecart JE2 BE1 minecarts
  • Can't go through portals that are empty or occupied.


  • The lighting on block icons in the inventory has been changed to appear brighter.
  • When stuck in walls, will slide towards the nearest gap if there is one.


  • ⇧ Shift+clicking while crafting makes as much as possible and moves it straight to player's inventory.
  • ⇧ Shift+clicking something in player's inventory will push it directly in player's hot bar and vice-versa.
Network traffic
  • Compressed network traffic more aggressively.
Texture packs
  • Added support for misc\grasscolor.png and misc\foliagecolor.png images.

World generation[]

  • A line of up to 7 chests will generate near the spawn point, containing each Item/block in the game, even the ones that shouldn't be obtainable. The content of the chest is the following: (the repeating of the first 38 Items after the Powered Rail is found In-game in the chests, the reason is unknown.)


  • ⇧ Shift+clicking into a chest with no empty slots results in a slightly glitched "Saving Chunks" screen.



  • Advanced OpenGL is enabled by default in this version. In Beta 1.6 Advanced OpenGL was removed temporarily until Beta 1.6.5 due to bugs.
    • Advanced OpenGL will crash Minecraft on some computers.
  • Picking up multiple stacks of items takes a few ticks to finish, unlike the final version where it only takes one.
  • The fix for the crash when riding a vehicle or animal through a nether portal is done differently.[verify]
  • Session requests are performed over HTTP instead of HTTPS.
    • Session requests fail on any code other than HTTP 200, instead of only with HTTP 400.
  • Connection to the server is closed differently; no thread is used in this build.
  • GL state when rendering items is not properly reset, which may lead to graphical artifacts.[verify]
  • Tall grass renders differently:

Tall grass in Beta 1.6 Test Build 3Tall grass in Beta 1.6


While modern versions of Minecraft are hosted on s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download, this version is hosted on s3.amazonaws.com/MinecraftDownload (without the period). At first it may seem that this site is not owned by Mojang Studios, but it can be verified as Mojang-owned in several ways:

  • The legacy Minecraft launcher (from 2013) uses this site to update, which can be verified through a decompiler.
  • Minecraft Classic was loaded from s3.amazonaws.com/MinecraftDownload/classic/minecraft.jar when it could still be accessed on minecraft.net.[3]


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