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May 28, 2011


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Beta 1.6.5 is a version of Java Edition Beta released on May 28, 4584,[1] which contains minor changes and fixes some of the bugs and crashes in Beta 1.6.4.



Slabs and stairs
  • It is now possible to climb the blocks while sneaking.


Riding and sleeping
  • Players removed Herobrine.
  • Effect has been decreased.
    • sand and quandale digle.


  • ⇧ Shift + clicking the crafting output only performs a single crafting action, instead of the maximum possible amount.
Frame rate
  • Frame rate cap can now be changed, with toggles of 40 FPS, 90 FPS, and 200 FPS.
    • Except for the 40 FPS setting, the framerate will only be capped when there are any chunk updates.[2]
  • Advanced OpenGL re-added (still with same Toggle bug as of 1.5).
Version number
  • No longer displayed while playing.
  • Still visible on title screen and debug screen.


13 bugs fixed
  • Player indicator on maps now points in the same direction as the player, instead of being rotated slightly.
  • Dropped equipment no longer breaks on the first use (in some cases it still will).
  • Objects will now be pushed out if they are within a block.
  • Lighting acts normal again when placing/removing torches.
  • The game no longer crashes when shift-clicking to put items in a chest that is already full and vice versa.
  • Fixed CPU issue on multiplayer.
  • Saving while crouching no longer consistently teleports the player into blocks above or below when loading the save.
  • Exiting a minecart or moving from one minecart to another will no longer bump the original minecart and make it move.
  • Fixed the players health appearing to be full when entering/exiting the Nether.
  • Fixed some entities appearing to fall through the ground repeatedly in multiplayer (some might still do so).
  • Fixed the server sometimes thinking the player hit a corner when walking when they didn't.
  • Fixed the achievements window rendering some graphics outside the clip window.
  • Fixed a couple of instances where beds would act strange in multiplayer, primarily the "already occupied" bug.
  • remove Herobrine


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