Java Edition Beta 1.5

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"Beta 1.5" redirects here. For beta versions for Bedrock Edition 1.5.0, see Bedrock Edition 1.5.0/Development versions.
For a guide about all content in this release and the other releases of Beta 1.5, see Java Edition guides/Beta 1.5 releases.

Beta 1.5 was a version of Java Edition Beta released on April 19, 2011,[1] which added statistics and achievements, new types of rails and saplings, and cobwebs among other changes and fixes.



Birch Saplings
  • Unobtainable in the game without inventory editing until Beta 1.8.
Detector Rails
Powered Rails
Spruce Saplings


  • When struck by a lightning bolt, they now become a charged creeper, and have a much more powerful explosion.

Charged Creeper JE1 BE1.png



  • Are now transferred between worlds.


  • ⇧ Shift + clicking on something in a chest will immediately move the selected item(s) into the player's inventory and vice-versa.
  • Ability to change GUI size (Small, Normal, Large, Auto).
  • Advanced OpenGL (Occlusion Culling: doesn't render blocks that the player can't "see", helps performance in cards that support it).
  • Are now transferred between worlds.



  • Sleeping in thunderstorms is now possible, even in daytime.
Crying obsidian
  • Texture has now been removed from the game.
  • Now spreads much slower than before.
Grass Block JE4.png Grass Blocks
  • When using fancy graphics, the sides now use the same color as the top (example of a grass block in Alpha 1.2.0: Grass Block JE3.png).
  • Now produces 2 ladders to offset the fix of the staggered-ladder exploit when crafting.
  • Can now serve as fuel in furnaces.
    • Have the same smelting time as sticks.
Redstone Dust
  • Can now be placed on snow.
Redstone Wire
  • Several changes in redstone wire rendering
    • Due this change, it no longer appears stretched when travelling vertically up a block. However, it still appears offset.


  • Dropped items in flowing water move faster than before.



World generation[edit]

Birch and spruce trees


  • Pressing Tab ↹ will switch between input boxes.
  • ⇧ Shift + F2 no longer creates a 36450×17700 pixel screenshot.
  • Huge performance improvements for old and slow computers.


15 bugs fixed

  • Players are only 'on' a ladder (can climb it/fall slowly) if the lower half is in the ladder block, rather than any part of the player.
    • It is no longer possible to climb with a one-block gap in a ladder, or a ladder that starts at eye level.
  • On fancy graphics, the sides of grass blocks are now biome-specific and match the shade on the top.
  • Player movement through water has been fixed to previous speed.
  • Wolves' pathfinding now has a better understanding of doors. They will go through doors most of the time, but will sometimes get stuck on the 3-pixel thickness of the door.
  • The lighting on portals and ice has been fixed when using smooth lighting.
  • Stairs are no longer transparent to light.
  • On multiplayer, the health of wolves are now synchronized between server and client, causing wolves to only whimper when low on health, as opposed to all of the time.
  • Redstone in off state is red again.
  • Fixed saplings occasionally growing trees that stretch to world limit
  • Crops hit with water now drop seeds and wheat, as opposed to just wheat.
  • Moving minecarts will continue to move if the world is closed.
  • The Mojang logo is the correct size when the client is maximized.
  • The exploit to make chests three or more side by side by placing a water source and placing a chest in that source has been fixed.
  • ⇧ Shift + F2 doesn't attempt to create massive .tga screenshots, which are more than 1GB in size, anymore.
  • Sugar cane can no longer be placed on any block that is not dirt.