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"Beta 1.2" redirects here. For beta versions for Bedrock Edition 1.2.0, see Bedrock Edition 1.2.0/Development versions. For other uses, see 1.2.
For a guide about all content in this release and the other releases of Beta 1.2, see Java Edition guides/Beta 1.2 releases.

Beta 1.2 is a version of Java Edition Beta released on January 13, 2011,[1] which added charcoal, note blocks, dyes, squid, sugar, dispensers, lapis lazuli blocks, bone meal and sandstone, and well as changed and fixed other features.



Cake JE1.png Cake
  • Crafted from wheat, egg, bucket of milk and sugar.
Dispenser JE1.png Dispensers
  • Crafted from cobblestone, a bow and redstone.
Lapis Lazuli Block JE1 BE1.png Lapis Lazuli Block
  • Crafted from 9 lapis lazuli.
Lapis Lazuli Ore JE1 BE1.png Lapis Lazuli Ore
  • Drops one Lapis Lazuli when mined.
Note Block JE1 BE1.png Note Block
  • Crafted from wood planks and redstone.
Sandstone JE1 BE1.png Sandstone
  • Crafted from sand.
Spruce Log Axis Y JE1 BE1.png Spruce Log
  • Can be crafted into wood planks.
Birch Log Axis Y JE1 BE1.png Birch Log
  • Can be crafted into wood planks.
Spruce Leaves JE1 BE1.png Spruce Leaves
  • Currently drops nothing.
Birch Leaves JE1 BE2.png Birch Leaves
  • Currently drops nothing.
Light Gray Wool JE1 BE1.pngGray Wool JE1 BE1.pngBlack Wool JE1 BE1.pngBrown Wool JE1 BE1.pngRed Wool JE1 BE1.pngOrange Wool JE1 BE1.pngYellow Wool JE1 BE1.pngLime Wool JE1 BE1.pngGreen Wool JE1 BE1.pngCyan Wool JE1 BE1.pngLight Blue Wool JE1 BE1.pngBlue Wool JE1 BE1.pngPurple Wool JE1 BE1.pngMagenta Wool JE1 BE1.pngPink Wool JE1 BE1.png Wool
  • Re-added dyed wool with a new spectrum


Bone JE1 BE1.png Bones
  • Can be crafted into bone meal.
Bone Meal JE1 BE1.png Bone Meal
  • Used as a dye.
Lapis Lazuli JE1 BE1.png Lapis Lazuli
  • Used as a dye.
  • 9 lapis lazuli can be crafted into a lapis lazuli block.
Cocoa Beans JE1.png Cocoa Beans
Ink Sac JE1 BE1.png Ink Sac
  • Used as a dye.
  • Currently named Ink Sack.
Coal JE2 BE1.png Charcoal
  • Has the same texture as coal.
  • Smelted from wood.
Light Gray Dye JE1 BE1.pngGray Dye JE1 BE1.pngRed Dye JE1 BE1.pngOrange Dye JE1 BE1.pngYellow Dye JE1 BE1.pngLime Dye JE1 BE1.pngGreen Dye JE1 BE1.pngCyan Dye JE1 BE1.pngLight Blue Dye JE1 BE1.pngPurple Dye JE1 BE1.pngMagenta Dye JE1 BE1.pngPink Dye JE1 BE1.png Dyes
Sugar JE1 BE1.png Sugar


  • Added Gray Sheep JE1.png gray, Light Gray Sheep JE1.png light gray, and Black Sheep JE1.png black variants.
  • Drop correspondingly colored wool.
Squid JE1 BE1.png Squid
  • New underwater mob.
  • Drops ink sacs.
  • Currently can be milked.



Cactus JE2 BE1.png Cactus
  • Can now be smelted into green dye.
Dandelion JE2.png Dandelion
  • Can now be crafted into yellow dye.
  • Model changed from Furnace JE1.png to Furnace JE2 BE1.png to use new furnace top texture rather than stone.
Sugar Cane JE1 BE1.png Sugar Cane
  • Renamed - was previously Reeds
Rose JE2.png Rose
  • Can now be crafted into red dye.
Spawner JE1.png Spawners
  • Again show a rotating model inside of what they spawn in single player.
White Wool JE1 BE1.pngWhite Wool
  • Can now be dyed.
Crafting Table JE1 BE1.png Workbench
  • Now called Crafting Table.


  • Tools made out of wood, stone, iron ingots, and diamond have increased durability.
  • Gold tools can mine blocks like stone and wood much more quickly than their diamond counterparts, with the same durability and restrictions as before this version.
Wheat Seeds JE1 BE1.png Wheat seeds
  • Now harvested more often when plowing grass blocks.


Orange Sheep JE1.pngMagenta Sheep JE1.pngLight Blue Sheep JE1.pngYellow Sheep JE1.pngLime Sheep JE1.pngPink Sheep JE1.pngGray Sheep JE1.pngLight Gray Sheep JE1.pngCyan Sheep JE1.pngPurple Sheep JE1.pngBlue Sheep JE1.pngGreen Sheep JE1.pngBrown Sheep JE1.pngRed Sheep JE1.pngBlack Sheep JE1.png
  • Can now be dyed.
Skeleton JE2.png Skeletons
  • Now drop bones.
Spider JE3 BE2.png Spiders
  • Can now climb up walls.

World generation[]

  • Iron Ore JE1 BE1.png Iron, Diamond Ore JE1 BE1.png diamond, and Coal Ore JE1 BE1.png coal are found in larger amounts in caves and other areas.


  • Screenshots can be taken using the F2 key without having to first hold down the F1 key.
  • Included the FastRender mod by Scaevolus.[2]


  • Powered Redstone does not update properly when a new power source is added.


10 bugs fixed
  • Paintings now work in multiplayer.
  • Disconnecting while riding no longer keeps the player in the world.
  • A bunch more state is properly synced in multiplayer.
  • Included PowerPC color and audio fixes by Scaevolus.
  • Fixed a horrible chunk reload loop in singleplayer.
  • Fixed most lighting bugs in newly generated multiplayer maps.
  • Falling sand behaves better in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a few crashes on load level bugs.
  • Jack o'Lantern now has correct tooltip.
  • Bricks now has the correct tooltip.
  • Sheep now visibly lose their wool when hit in multiplayer.


  • Beta 1.2 is the first version of Minecraft released in 2011.