Java Edition Beta 1.1

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Missing Texture Block JE3 BE2.png
The .EXE file for this server version is currently missing. 
While the .JAR file for this server version has been archived, the .EXE file has not, meaning that it is currently lost.
If you believe you have a copy of this version, please post it on this page's talk page.
For a guide about all content in this release and the other releases of Beta 1.1, see Java Edition guides/Beta 1.1 releases.

Beta 1.1[note 1] is a version of Java Edition Beta released on December 22, 2010, which added support for special events on specific dates during the holiday period as well as other changes and fixes.



  • Players who played the game from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day received a Christmas themed cape.
  • Players who played during New Year's Eve received a purple cape with an 11 to celebrate the coming year.



  • Rewrote leaf decay.
  • The font.txt has been removed.
  • All text invisible in-game.


4 bugs fixed
  • Fixed frame rate drops in single player.
  • Fixed players getting spammed with data then getting disconnected in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an item duplication bug in multiplayer.
  • Fixed "fancy" characters not working in the game by detaching font resources from the code.


The original Beta 1.1 minecraft.jar did not include the font.txt file, making all text invisible in-game. Notch attempted to fix this and released a hotfix 10 minutes later. However, this fix did not work because font.txt was still missing. Notch released a third update a few minutes after that, Beta 1.1_01, which fixed this issue.



  1. Visible if the player manually adds font.txt into the broken minecraft.jar.