Java Edition Alpha v1.2.5

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Minecraft Alpha v1.2.5
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Java Edition

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Release date

December 1, 2010

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of 1.2.5

Alpha v1.2.5 is a version of Alpha that was released on December 1, 2010,[1][note 1] which was the fourth part of a bug-fix update.


  • Removed command /home.


6 bugs fixed
  • Fixed a memory leak bug in the server.
  • Riding carts and boats now works properly when the player travel long distances.
  • Harvesting crops no longer yields fake seeds.
  • Snowballs are given again.
  • Fixed a door bug.


  • In this version and Alpha 1.2.6, if the player's name is not set properly (which occurs in the modern launcher), they will always be named "Player524". This makes multiplayer in this version impossible without the use of third-party tools, as two players cannot join a server with the same name.



  1. The .jar file is dated to 15:08 UTC on December 1.


  1. Bug update #4, and we're six people in the office now! – The Word of Notch, December 1, 2010