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Alpha v1.2.4 (mislabeled as Alpha v1.2.3_05 in game[1]) is a version of Alpha released on November 30, 2010,[2] as the third part of a bug-fix update.


  • Added proper hurt animations and sounds to mobs and players.


  • The multiplayer join server screen now remembers the latest entered IP.
  • Creepers now animate before exploding
    • Explosions animate properly.
  • Increased chunk saving frequency on the server.
  • The player can now see sneaking players. Names of sneaking players aren't visible through walls, and are visible at a much shorter distance.
  • Buttons, levers, and pressure plates animate properly when activated.


8 bugs fixed
  • Leaving sneak mode no longer rapidly plays all the step sounds that it silenced during the sneak.
  • Swords and other weapons now deal damage properly.
  • Fixed dead players logging in as invisible ghosts
  • Made arrows visible and deal damage.
  • No more infinite free arrows.
  • Hoes now produce proper seeds.
  • Server logging now appends to server.log rather than overwriting it.
  • Fixed minecarts and pigs moving twice as fast as they should when ridden.


  • When Notch released 1.2.4, he accidentally labeled it as 1.2.3_05 in game. This version also had leftover debug code that caused creepers to be the only mob that would spawn. This was later fixed with the release of 1.2.4_01, which means there was never a client version of 1.2.4.[1]


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