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Alpha v1.1.1,[2] also known as Seecret Saturday,[1] is the tenth and final seecret update, and is also the only Seecret Update released on Saturday, which added sneaking, new paintings and fishing rods. It was released with server 0.2.1 on September 18, 2010, and is the only Seecret Saturday update; all other nine seecret updates were released on Fridays.

This version is notable for the gray screen bug. This code would set the display's gamma and contrast values to zero, resulting in the screen going completely gray.[3] It was available for just 205 minutes before Alpha v1.1.2 released, fixing the gray screen bug.[4]

This version also took a very long time to download, due to a large influx of users downloading the game at the same time. As a result, not many players got the chance to play this version, due to how quickly it was replaced with Alpha v1.1.2.



Fishing Rod JE1 BE1 Fishing rods
  • Have no use.
  • Are stackable.

Non-mob entities[]

  • Added 5 new paintings:
  • Graham Painting JE1 BE1 "Graham"
  • Creebet Painting JE1 BE1 "Creebet"
  • Donkey Kong Painting JE1 BE1 "Donkey Kong"
  • Skeleton Painting JE1 BE1 "Skeleton"
  • Pigscene Painting JE1 BE1 "Pigscene"



  • Added the ability to change mouse sensitivity
  • Added sliders to change volume of sound and music


Non-mob entities[]

  • Two paintings have had their textures changed to their modern versions.
    • Changed Sea painting from Sea Painting JE1 to Sea Painting JE2 BE1
    • Changed Stage painting from Stage Painting JE1 to Stage Painting JE2 BE1


  • Option to toggle the debug menu in the options has been replaced with the F3 key. F3 + S reloads all web-loaded resources.
  • Smoother day-to-night and night-to-day transitions.


2 bugs fixed
  • Infinite snowball exploit fixed where snow blocks (requiring 4 snowballs) would be crafted then broken, producing 4–6 snowballs back.
  • Solid snow blocks now only drop four snowballs.


  • Despite this version being available for several hours, considerably longer than other archived versions such as pre-reuploads of Beta 1.1, there were no known archives of it. An archived copy was not found until June 25, 2021, when Twitter user LunaSorcery provided an archived jar file.[5]
  • There was a bug with crouching that caused the outer layer of custom skins render as if the player wasn't crouching.[6]
  • This version is identical to Alpha v1.1.2, with the exception of the gray screen bug. The gray screen was caused by one line of code, which was removed in Alpha v1.1.2.
  • There is a common misconception that calm4.ogg either existed in the game files, or played in this version, which is untrue.


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