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Minecraft Alpha v1.0.13
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Java Edition

Release date

July 28, 2010[1]


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Other instances
of 1.0.13

Alpha v1.0.13[2] is a version released to fix bugs and to work towards multiplayer.



  • Re-added all splashes
  • Added new splashes:
    • Flaxkikare!
    • Jason! Jason! Jason!
    • Hotter than the sun!
    • Internet enabled!
    • Autonomous!
    • Engage!
    • Fantasy!
    • DRR! DRR! DRR!
    • Kick it root down!
    • Regional resources!
    • Woo, facepunch!
    • Woo, somethingawful!
    • Woo, /v/!
    • Woo, tigsource!
    • Woo, minecraftforum!
    • Woo, worldofminecraft!
    • Google anlyticsed!
    • Now supports åäö!
    • Give us Gordon!
    • Tip your waiter!
    • Very fun!
    • 12345 is a bad password!
    • Vote for net neutrality!
    • Lives in a pineapple under the sea!
    • MAP11 has two names!
    • Omnipotent!
    • Gasp!
    • ...!
    • Bees, bees, bees, bees!
    • Jag känner en bot!
    • This text is hard to read if you play the game at the default resolution, but at 1080p it's fine!


  • Slimes have new look.
  • The client now checks if two instances of the game try to save to the same level, and quits if it does.
    • It is checked with a session.lock file.
  • Multiplayer progress.
  • The arm no longer gets stuck if F5 is disabled while moving, as well as holding an item.
    • As a result, the arm no longer has the idle animation when the inventory is shown.


1 bug fixed
  • Fixed a crash related to lighting.



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