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Alpha v1.0.11, also known as Seecret Friday 6, is the sixth seecret update.[1] It added many new items and blocks, added a new mob, and made other changes. This version is available in the launcher.



Sugar Cane JE1 Sugar Cane (item) JE1 BE1 Reeds
Clay JE1 BE1 Clay
  • Generates near water bodies.


Paper JE1 BE1 Paper
  • Crafted from 3 reeds in a row in the crafting table.
Book JE1 BE1 Book
  • Crafted from 3 paper in a column in the crafting table.
Clay Ball JE1 BE1 Clay Ball
  • 4 dropped when a clay block is broken.
Brick JE1 BE1 Brick
Slimeball JE1 BE1 Slimeball
  • Dropped by the smallest slimes, however it currently has no use.


Slime JE1 Slimes
  • A hostile mob which splits into smaller slimes upon death.
  • Splits only when killed by the fist and not with swords.



Bookshelf JE1 Bookshelves
  • Are given a crafting recipe, crafted from planks and books, making them obtainable legitimately again.
    • However, when it's broken, it still drops nothing.
Bricks JE2 BE1 Bricks
  • Texture changed from Bricks JE1
  • Now craftable from 4 bricks in a 2x2 area.
Cactus JE2 BE1 Cactus
  • Texture changed from Cactus JE1
  • Cactus now causes damage to mobs only if they touch it or collide with it.
  • Cactus can now only be placed on sand.


World generation[]

  • Added clay to the terrain generator
  • Added reeds to the terrain generator.
  • Changed the generation of trees.
  • Changed the generation of flower patches.



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