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Note: This version is not available in the launcher and is considered lost.

Alpha v1.0.1[1] was the third of the Seecret Updates, released on July 2, 2010.[2] It is the first version truly named Alpha as Alpha v1.0.0 was only called "Alpha" retroactively upon the release of v1.0.1.



Iron Door JE1 BE1 Iron Door
Lever (texture) JE1 BE1 Lever
Redstone Dust JE1 BE1 Redstone dust
  • At the time, redstone dust was not given a name.
Redstone Ore JE1 BE1 Redstone Ore
Redstone Torch JE1 BE1 Redstone Torch
Stone Button (item) JE1 Stone Button
Oak Pressure Plate JE1 Wood Pressure Plate
Stone Pressure Plate JE1 Stone Pressure Plate



Cobblestone Stairs JE1 BE1 Cobblestone stairs
  • Inventory model is now 3D: Cobblestone Stairs (inventory) JE2
Oak Door (item) JE2 BE1 Oak door
  • Item texture changed from Oak Door (item) JE1
Red Mushroom JE2Brown Mushroom JE2 Mushrooms
  • Generate anywhere.[verify]
  • If generated in sunlight will eventually drop.
    • Do not drop at night time.
Oak Stairs JE1 BE1 Oak stairs
  • Inventory model is now 3D: Oak Stairs (inventory) JE2
Oak Wall Sign (N) JE1 BE1 Signs
  • Can now be placed on the sides of blocks.
  • Smaller and non-solid.
Spawner JE1 Spawners
  • Does not drop as an item upon being mined.
Lit Furnace (S) JE1 Burning furnace
  • Now drops a regular furnace when mined instead of a burning furnace.



World generation[]

  • Can be much bigger than before.[verify]
Coal Ore JE1 BE1 Coal ore
  • Blobs now vary in size.[verify]



Clockwise Gear (N) Gears
  • Removed and replaced by the newly added redstone.
    • This means that gears placed on worlds will turn into redstone or pop off, depending on how they were placed.


Distance effects
  • Due to their removal, gears no longer appear very stretched at far distances.



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