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This article is about the April Fool's joke snapshot. For the actual snapshot released that week, see Java Edition 23w13a.
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This article documents an April Fools' joke. 
There is no actual "Vote Update" version of Minecraft in development.

23w13a_or_b is an April Fools' joke snapshot, supposedly the first and only snapshot for the "Vote Update", released on April 1, 2023,[1] which adds a system where players vote for gameplay features or mechanics to be implemented. This snapshot is a fork of 23w13a.

The snapshot was reuploaded about three hours after the release,[2] to fix some crashes related to transformations and to remove inappropriate color names.[Note 1]



  • Must be unlocked by vote minecraft:air_blocks.
  • Can be crafted from 4 empty glass bottles.
  • Can be used to refill air underwater or on the moon.
  • This block can be used to fill cows or moon cows with air to become "balloon cows", which take the player to the moon once filling it with enough air.
Cheese Cheese
  • Generates on the moon.
  • Can be eaten and is the second block in Minecraft that the player can eat, after cake.
  • When eating causes one eighth of the block to disappear depending on where the player clicks.
Copper Sink Copper Sink
  • Must be unlocked by vote minecraft:copper_sink.
  • Can be crafted from 7 copper blocks.
  • Can be used to store water like a regular cauldron. Filled Copper Sink
  • Unlike cauldrons, cannot store lava or powder snow.
  • When there is no water inside, if an item with the minecraft:copper item tag is dropped inside, it is deleted. Copper Spleaves were not added to the minecraft:copper item tag, but copper sinks were.
Copper SpleavesFalling Copper Spleaves Copper Spleaves
  • Generates as a part of the lunar base structure.
  • Touching it causes the block to break.
Golden Chest Golden Chest
  • A hidden block that the player cannot get with the command /give, but can be obtained through the /setblock command with the tag "gold" /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:chest{gold:1b}.
  • Has a block ID in the game file minecraft:golden_chest.
  • Created by activating the minecraft:midas_touch vote, then opening a chest or a trapped chest.
  • Opening sometimes causes contained items to be converted into gold.
  • Golden trapped chests will still function as trapped chests, but have no identifier like in regular ones.
  • Ender chests are not affected.
Other Portal (block) Other Portal
  • Must be unlocked by vote minecraft:other_portal.
  • Can be placed using /setblock command.
  • When entered, it teleports the player 500 blocks up in the air, and returns the message "Error 404 Terrain Not Found".
    • If an Other Portal is created above Y = 200, it teleports the player to Y = 650, so the player is not teleported to the Moon.
  • Drops nothing when broken, similar to the other portal blocks in the game.
Packed Air
  • Must be unlocked by vote minecraft:air_blocks.
  • Can be crafted from 9 air.
  • Permanently fills the player's breath bar when standing in it.
  • Can be placed in closed rooms on the moon.
  • Disappears like water in the nether when placing it in an open space on the moon, anywhere in another dimension or when the closed room is opened (either when a block in the wall gets removed or a door is opened).
Pickaxe Block (S) Pickaxe Block
  • Must be unlocked by vote minecraft:pickaxe_block.
  • Can be crafted from 6 cobblestones, a redstone dust and any pickaxe.
  • When activated, it can break blocks in front of it and drop them, like if a player broke it.
  • It can break any block instantly, including bedrock, although the bedrock would not drop.
Place Block (S) Place Block
  • Must be unlocked by vote minecraft:place_block.
  • Can be crafted from 6 cobblestones, a redstone dust, a bow and a hopper.
  • When activated, it can place blocks in front of it.
  • It takes blocks from a container such as a chest placed behind it (against the blank face).
  • It will also place dropped from items behind its back face.
  • The block's texture references the old menus from Minecraft: Pocket Edition.



A "New thing" banner pattern

Banner Pattern JE1 BE1 Banner Pattern
Bit Bit
Bottle of Entity Bottle of Entity
  • Obtained when using a bottle of void on a mob, damaging the mob, or by drinking from bottle of void while being transformed into another mob.
  • Has a splash potion variant but neither a lingering potion nor a tipped arrow variant.
  • Players and mobs can morph into the mob contained in the bottle.
  • Taking fatal damage while having the appearance of another mob will result in the mob's appearance to die, and the player's health to be set back to full.
Bottle of Void Bottle of Void
  • Must be unlocked by vote minecraft:drink_air.
  • Can be obtained by drinking from an empty glass bottle, which gets called glass bottle of air instead.
  • Does not have splash potion, lingering potion and tipped arrow variants.
  • Can be used to get a bottle of entity by using it on a mob, damaging the mob. Using it on a player or Ray Tracing results in a bottle of pig.
  • Can be used to reverse the effects of the bottle of entity, damaging the player.
  • Drinking it when the player have an active status effect turns it into a potion relating to that status effect and removes the effect from the player.
  • On occasion, drinking it will kill the player with the death message "<Playername> fell out of the world" as if the player fell into the Void.
La Baguette La Baguette
  • A French bread.
  • Can only be obtained through commands or activating the vote minecraft:french_mode.
  • Inedible but can be used as a weapon.
    • 4♥♥ attack damage.
    • 1.6 attack speed.
  • Can be repaired using any wooden planks.
  • Can be enchanted with sword enchantments, even in the enchanting table.
  • The item is likely a reference to various baguette in Minecraft memes, the origin of which would be hard or impossible to trace.
Le Tricolore Le Tricolore
  • The French flag.
  • Can only be obtained through commands or activating the vote minecraft:french_mode.
  • Has no functionality.
Longer String Longer String
  • Must be unlocked by vote minecraft:special_recipe.
  • Can be crafted from 2 string.
  • Has no functionality.

A player using a big potion

Potion of Big Potion of Big
  • Gives the big size effect to entities, which increases their size.
  • Has a level II variant.
  • If rule minecraft:potions_of_big is approved, adding a bottle o' enchanting to an awkward potion in a brewing stand brews this potion.

A player using a small potion

Potion of Small Potion of Small
  • Gives the small size effect to entities, which decreases their size.
  • Has a level II variant.
  • If rule minecraft:potions_of_small is approved, adding a rabbit hide to an awkward potions in a brewing stand brews this potion.
Skis (texture) JE1 Skis
  • This is not an actual item in the game but can be found in the game files (skis.png).
  • Reference to the skis item intended to be added to Minecraft Java Edition 1.4.6 (2012) as a Christmas Easter Egg, but it was abandoned.
    • In 12w50a, a snapshot for Minecraft Java Edition 1.4.6, a texture named skis.png was added to the game file. 1.4.6 was released close to Christmas of 2012, meaning this texture was likely decided upon due to the time of this update's release. The texture was never actually intended to be used.
TagByte TagDouble TagFloat TagInt TagShort TagLong TagName (23w13a or b)Left CurlyRight CurlyLeft SquareRight SquareCompound TagString TagSssyntax Error Tags
  • Added 15 new tag items:
    • Name (23w13a or b) Name.
    • Tag Tag.
    • Short Tag Short Tag.
    • Long Tag Long Tag.
    • Int Tag Int Tag.
    • Double Tag Double Tag.
    • Float Tag Float Tag.
    • String Tag String Tag.
    • Left Curly Left Curly.
    • Right Curly Right Curly.
    • Left Square Left Square.
    • Right Square Right Square.
    • List Tag List Tag.
    • Compound Tag Compound Tag.
    • Sssyntax Error Sssyntax error.
  • Once the minecraft:nbt_crafting rule is approved, the player can use an anvil to rename the Name item to set the name of the tag and use a crafting table to combine the tag items to make an in-game NBT data example.
    • If the player makes a mistake in the NBT structure, a Sssyntax error item will appear in the result slot with one of the following error messages in the tooltip:
      • Expected { or [
      • Expected either single or double
      • Unexpected entries in when casting to float
      • Unexpected value after closing bracket
      • Can't add element of type <type> to list <type>
      • Unexpected value in list: expected either tag or closing bracket
      • Expected closing bracket
      • Expected tag after name
      • Expected name
      • Unexpected value in compound tag: expected either name, tag or closing bracket
      • Total number of bytes (<number> exceeds 8
      • Can't concatenate <type> with <type>

Missing Texture JE4 minecraft:dupe_hack

  • Has an item name minecraft:dupe_hack
  • Has a random chance of dropping when killing an entity with a chest.
  • When placing it on the crafting table with other blocks, it will duplicate that block.
  • This process can be repeated to duplicate more blocks.


Moon Cow Moon Cow
Ray Tracing (mob) Ray Tracing
  • A humanoid mob.
  • Can be spawned by activating the vote minecraft:ray_tracing and waiting for the message "Ray Tracing joined the game".
  • Wanders randomly in the world, sending random chat messages.
    • Also sends a random chat message after it dies.
  • Death messages are displayed in the chat when this mob dies.
  • When the vote minecraft:ray_tracing is repealed, "Ray Tracing left the game" will be sent on the chat and the mob will despawn.

World generation[]

The Moon
  • A new dimension.
  • Can be accessed by ascending to Y=700 in the Overworld or teleporting with /execute as @s in minecraft:the_moon run tp @s ~ ~ ~.
  • Ascending to Y=700 on the Moon will bring the player back to the Overworld.
  • The gravity is different compared to the other three dimensions.
  • Entities and particles will float, being affected by the lower gravity as well.
  • Lunar bases generate there.
  • Instead of the Moon, the Earth is visible on the sky. There are 4 variants of the Earth shapes when viewed from the moon: Square Earth square, 3D Square Earth cube, Round Earth round, Tea Pot Earth teapot.
  • The square Earth is the default shape. The variant can be changed by vote minecraft:world_shape.
  • The teapot Earth is the rarest variant of Earth shape.
  • A player can build blocks from y=0 up to y=255, like before the Caves & Cliffs update.
  • A player suffocates on the Moon like underwater, albeit much slower. They need to consume air, eat cheese or stand in packed air to stay alive.
  • Beds explode like in the Nether or the End.
  • Respawn anchors do not work, but they don't explode.
Lunar Base Lunar Base
Other Portal Other Portal
  • Has to be unlocked by vote minecraft:other_portal.
  • If the minecraft:other_portal feature is unlocked, player can build an other portal with glowstone and activate it with a water bucket.
  • When entered, it teleports the player 500 blocks up in the air, and returns the message "Error 404 Terrain Not Found".
    • If an Other Portal is created above Y = 200, it teleports the player to Y = 650, so the player is not teleported to the Moon.
  • A reference to the mod The Aether, as well as numerous memes of people trying to unsuccessfully create an Aether portal in vanilla Minecraft.


  • Added 2 new advancements:
    • I Voted!
      • Vote for the first time.
    • Pro Voter!
      • Vote 256 times!
  • Must be unlocked by vote minecraft:ultra_realistic_mode.
  • Exists as a new bar, placed over the hunger bar.
  • Decreases as the player performs certain actions, similar to hunger.
  • Can be refilled by drinking water bottles, or by swimming underwater for long periods of time.
Voting system
  • About every 2 minutes, a "proposal" will be created, and can be accessed and voted on by pressing V.
    • This will bring up a prompt to change how the world works, in which the player voting has some options.
      • One of these options will be "Do Nothing" unless minecraft:new_vote_no_opt_out has been voted.
      • Whichever change was voted for the most will be executed, unless another vote has changed the way the winning option is chosen.
      • Proposals are either approving or repealing. The former prompt the players to add new rules and the latter prompt them to deactivate the active ones.


NBT tags
  • wob
    • Items with this tag will have a flipped sprite and name.
    • Items with this tag will have reversed knockback (mobs are knocked towards the player)
    • If the item makes a projectile, it will be shot behind the player.
  • Syntax:
    • transform clear - Clears all transforms from the executer.
    • transform into <entity> [<nbt>] - Transforms the executer into entity.
    • transform into player <player> - Transforms the executer into the player form, applying the skin of player.
    • transform scale <scale> - Multiplies the scale of the executer by scale from the default size.
  • It is possible to transform other mobs or players by using execute as <selector> run transform ....
  • Has the same effect on entities as bottles of entity, including death of the transformation but not the actual entity.
  • Syntax:
    • vote dump_all [short|long] - Returns the message "Whew! That was scary!" as command feedback.
    • vote io (flush|reload).
      • flush - Forces all voting data to be saved to their file and removes them from temporary memory. Also prints the message ThreadedAnvilChunkStorage: Hey, how are you? to the console.
      • reload - Reloads the file that contains all voting data. If the file was edited before reloading, all changes made to the voting data will be applied to the world.
    • vote pending (start|repeal|finish|discard|vote).
      • start <rule> - Starts voting for activation of the specified rule. Arguments for the rule are random.
      • repeal <rule> - Starts voting for repeal of the specified rule.
      • finish <vote> - Finishes ongoing votes and activates the rules in response to the voting results. vote must be a UUID of a ongoing vote. Specifying * finishes all ongoing votes.
      • discard <vote> - Rejects existing proposals. vote must be an uuid of a ongoing vote. Specifing * rejects all ongoing votes.
      • vote <vote> <option> <count> - Votes specified voting option with count votes.vote must be an uuid of a ongoing vote.
    • vote rule (<rule>|?|*) (approve|repeal) (arguments corresponding to each rule).
      • Manipulate rules that are usually decided by vote. ? uses a random rule and * regards all the rules. Players can't approve the vote using *.
      • Specifing ? for arguments corresponding to each rule activates the rules with random arguments.
      • Valid rules and their arguments:
ID Proposal Result Note
ai_attack Replace player <PLAYERNAME> with advanced AI bot Adds "[BOT]" to the player's display name, and a "blip-blop" message will randomly appear in the chat.
air_blocks Unlock edible Air Blocks, Packed Air to survive on moon and rideable baloon [sic] cows to get there Unlocks the recipes for "Air" and "Packed Air".
always_flying According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a mob should be able to walk All entities are constantly gliding, as if using an elytra. The proposal text is a reference to the first line of Bee Movie, "According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly."
anonymize_skins Anonymize player skins All players have a default skin. All players' skins are replaced with their default skin.
attack_knockback Multiply knockback by <NUMBER>% Multiplies knockback by the specified percentage between 0 and 200. /vote can be used to set the value to a specific number. To get the required input value for the multiplier, divide the percent by 100. For example, to multiply knockback by 128%, the value would be 1.28. The percent can be any integer from -2147483648 to 2147483647.
  • Auto jump off
  • Auto jump? Yes
  • Auto jump on
  • Auto jump: true
  • Auto jump? Of course
  • Auto jump on. Also set default value of auto jump in vanilla to true
Enables or disables auto-jump. The default value of auto jump in vanilla is unchanged.
basalt_gen_replace Spawn <BLOCK> instead of Basalt when lava interacts with blue ice Replaces basalt with the specified block when generated using blue ice, soul soil and lava.
bed_pvp Bed PVP Gives beds 7 attack damage and 1.6 attack speed, the same as a diamond sword.
bedrock_shadows Minecraft Bedrock Edition style entity shadows Renders shadows as dodecagons instead of circles.
beds_on_banners Beds on Banners Banners use a bed-like model.
beeloons Enable Beeloons Bees fly much higher when on leads, if the player leashes 3 or more, the bees will drag the player up.
beta_entity_ids Show id above every entity Shows numeric IDs above every entity.
big_head_mode Big Head Mode Player head size increases.
  • Big Romantic Moon.
  • (When value is 1) Be careful what you wish for, our scientists have warned us about unintended consequences
  • (When value is 2) Buff the Moon to be even bigger and stronger!
  • (When value is 3 or greater) MOON TO THE MAX!
The moon enlarges and all entities move towards it based on the time of day. Every subsequent approval of this rule increases its value by 1. The higher the value of the rule, the larger and stronger the moon will become. Values higher than 3 will further increase the size and attraction force, despite the message being the same.

The value must be passed in nbt format to be properly decoded. For example:
/vote rule big_moon approve {value: 1}

binary_gamerule_rule Flip game rule '<GAMERULE>' Changes the boolean variable of the specified gamerule.
biome_fog_color Set fog color in <BIOME> to <COLOR> Changes fog color in the specified biome. All possible colors can be found here.
biome_foliage_color Set foliage color in <BIOME> to <COLOR> Changes oak leaves color in the specified biome. All possible colors can be found here.
biome_grass_color Set grass color in <BIOME> to <COLOR> All possible colors can be found here.
biome_sky_color Set sky color in <BIOME> to <COLOR> Changes sky color in the specified biome. All possible colors can be found here.
biome_water_color Set water color in <BIOME> to <COLOR> Changes water color in the specified biome. All possible colors can be found here.
biome_water_fog_color Set water fog color in <BIOME> to <COLOR> Changes water fog color in the specified biome. All possible colors can be found here.
  • Disable boats breaking on collision
  • Boats break on high-speed collisions
  • Boats explode on high-speed collisions
Depending on value, boats will either not break, break, or explode during collisions with other entities. This may be a reference to boats in old versions being very easy to break.
bouncy_castle Super bouncy Slime blocks Makes entities bounce back higher than their original height when they fall on a slime block. The increase in altitude stops at about 650 blocks. Thus, this can be used to reach the Moon if placed at Y=50 or higher.
buff_fishing Buff fishing Fishing yields items and experience constantly without player input, and treasure items can be fished in any kind of water.
buttons_on_things You can place buttons (and much more stuff), on much more stuff Buttons, levers, pressure plates, repeaters, comparators, redstone dust, bells, and grindstones can be placed on thinner blocks.
  • Give everyone an awesom caep [sic]
  • Give everyone a squid cape squid
  • Give all the animal lovers a veterinarian cape
  • Nya, nya, nya! UwU!
Gives players a specified cape. The ID of the cape (see section below). blonk is also an acceptable ID, but it seems to repeal all "caep" rules.
charged_creepers All creepers are charged All creepers are charged.
cobblestone_gen_replace Spawn <BLOCK> instead of Cobblestone when lava interacts with water Replaces cobblestone with another block when generated using water and lava. The block to replace with
codepoint_replace Replace '<CHARACTER>' with '<CHARACTER>' Replaces the specified displayed character with another.
codepoint_style Change '<CHARACTER>' to always render as <STYLE> Changes the specified displayed character's style.
colored_light Add <COLOR> colored light Changes the color of light sources to the specified color.
copper_sink Add Copper Sink Enables the copper sink block.
copy_skin Everyone Copies <PLAYERNAME>! Changes all players' skins to the specified player's skin.
damage_modifier Multiply damage type '<DAMAGETYPE>' Multiplies damage of the specified damage type by a multiple of 2 (higher multiples are less common).
day_beds Bed skip days instead nights Beds don't work at night; during the day the player can sleep to set the time to night (13000).
day_length Change day length from <TIME> to <TIME> Changes the length of the day.
dead_bush_renewability Dead Bushes are now renewable, but saplings need much more water not to dry out Saplings now become dead bushes instead of growing into trees, unless a liquid is directly above the sapling. Flowing liquids no longer destroy saplings. Either water or lava will prevent the sapling from becoming a dead bush, though lava will prevent trees from growing.
default_sheep_color Set spawn sheep color to <COLOR> All sheep that spawn become the color specified. It also changes default varients like gray and black, to spawn as different colors as well.
dinnerbonize Dinnerbonize <ENTITY> Render all entities of the specified type upside down, just as if they are named "Dinnerbone". Specify the type of entity to Dinnerbonize. If an entity is both Dinnerbonized and Grummized, the entity is right-side up.
disable_item_tooltips Disable item tooltips Disables the ability to read an items name and stats when hovering over it.
disable_shield Disable shield blocking Disables the ability to block with a shield.
dream_mode Life's a Dream Enables a wide variety of effects:
  • Some elements in the world will have a bloom effect
  • Slightly increases lightning strike chance
  • Lightning cannot strike players (unless the player is close to a lightning rod)
  • Decreases chance lightning will strike entities
  • Adds a 50% chance when landing for fall damage to be divided by 3
  • Increases chance a randomly generated sheep will be pink
  • Increases chance of receiving a Soul Speed book or Soul Speed iron boots from piglin bartering
  • Increases chance of receiving a potion or splash potion of Fire Resistance from piglin bartering
  • Increases chance of receiving ender pearls from piglin bartering and amount of pearls from 2-4 to 3-5
  • Multiplies the player's luck attribute by 100
  • Decreases chance for eyes of ender to break to 20%
  • Increases chance of rare enchants appearing in the enchanting table, in random loot, or as mob armor
  • Increases level and rarity of enchantments in the enchanting table
  • Allows treasure enchantments to appear in the enchanting table
  • Doubles effectiveness of Protection enchantments
  • Doubles effectiveness of Sharpness, Smite, and Bane of Arthropods
  • Adds 3 levels of Luck of the Sea and Lure to fishing
  • Adds 3 levels of Looting to mob drops
  • Adds 2 levels of Fortune to block drops
  • Decreases phantom spawn frequency
drink_air Bottle of Void: obtained by drinking from empty Bottles. May have side-effects. Empty glass bottles can be consumed to obtain bottle of void. Right clicking a mob with the bottle of void will give the player a morph potion of that mob.
dupe_hack_break_chance Set chance of dupe hack breaking to <NUMBER>% Gives the dupe hack item the specified chance to break when used in a crafting table.
dupe_hack_occurrence_chance Set chance of dupe hack occurring to <NUMBER>% Entities with chests have the specified chance of dropping a dupe hack item on death.
egg_free Chickens lay <ITEM> Makes chickens lay random items instead of eggs.
endermen_block_update Teach Endermen how to place blocks correctly [more information needed]
endermen_pick_up_anything Endermen Pick Up Anything Allows endermen to pick up any block.
entity_collisions Entities collide with each other All entity collision now works similarly to block collision, where they cannot be walked through, but they can be stood on top of.
evil_eye Get evil eyes When using an empty hand, the player's reach extends infinitely (within the render distance). With this range, they can break any block instantly and kill any mob in one hit.
exploding_phantoms Phantoms explode on contact Makes phantoms explode when they attack the player.
explosion_power Set extra explosion power to <NUMBER> Adds explosion power to all explosions.
fast_hoppers Fast Hoppers, but hopper minecarts are now slow Makes hoppers move items 10x faster. Makes hopper minecarts transfer items slower, about at the speed of a normal hopper.
fire_sponge Sponges can be used to remove lave [sic] Makes sponges absorb lava instead of water.
fish_anything Polluted Oceans: Fish Anything! Allows any item to be fished.
fix_piston Pistons explode when powered Pistons and sticky pistons explode when activated.
fix_qc Quasi-fix Connectivity Disables quasiconnectivity.
  • Stop all that flailing
  • Mild flailing
  • Wild flailing
  • Limbs all over the place
Controls how the players limbs move in a third person view. The limb flailing may be a reference to the running animation of the Steve NPCs in some Alpha versions.
flintsploder Flint and Steel can explode any block Makes flint and steel be able to light up any block, similar to a TNT.
floating_head_mode Floating Head Mode Makes all but the head of the player invisible.
fog_off Remove fog from the game where there was fog before. Anv [sic] vice versa. Removes fog where it was and adds it where it wasn't. This seems to refer to the Nether fog effect in specific, as voting this in makes Overworld fog much thicker.
food_restriction See § All food restrictions. Limits the type of food the player can eat to one kind of item, depending on the prefix.
  • Footprints? What footprints?
  • Start process for restoring footprint particles
  • Re-evaluate footprint principles
  • Pre-estimate footprint timeline
  • research existing footprint solutions in competing products
  • Acquire buy-in from parties relevant to footprint initiative
  • Research results from footprint focus groups
  • Iterate on footprint look and feel
  • Ask a wider forum about gameplay impact of footprints
  • Q&A footprint pass
  • Go-no go meeting
  • Enable footprints
Displays "status updates" regarding the implementation of footprints, requiring it to be voted for 11 times before enabling footprint particles when walking. The footprints use the same textures used for hidden footprint items in version 20w14∞.
french_mode French Mode Gives every player a La Baguette and Le Tricolore, adds a beret and mustache to every player and changes the language to French. Language can still be changed in the settings. Votes are not written in French.
give_item Give every online player <NUMBER> of <ITEM> Gives every player the specified amount of the specified item.
global_pitch Change pitch of every sound by <NUMBER>% All sounds' pitch is increased (or decreased) by the specified amount.
glow_bees Glow Bees Causes bees to emit glow squid particles.
glowing_glow_squids Make Glow Squids actually glow Gives glow squids a glow effect.
god_of_lightning Aquire [sic] more than just the power of thunder Gives the player the ability to summon lightning by left clicking on a block or an entity. Sneaking while attacking does not summon lightning.
grappling_fishing_rods Grappling Fishing Rods Makes fishing rods launch players when they reel in the bobber. The bobber must be attached to a block to do this.
grummize Grummize <ENTITY> Turns whichever mob it applies to on its head, as if it were named "Grumm". Functionally the same as Dinnerbonize. If an entity is Grummized and Dinnerbonized, the entity is right-side up.
haunted_world The World is Haunted Randomly extinguishes candles, presses buttons, uses levers, and opens doors, trapdoors and fence gates. Iron doors will not be randomly opened. Affected by the random tick speed gamerule.
infinite_cakes Infinite cakes Cakes won't be consumed when eaten.
  • Change flammability of <BLOCK> to low
  • Change flammability of <BLOCK> to medium
  • Change flammability of <BLOCK> to high
  • Change flammability of <BLOCK> to 'literally dry grass'
  • Low flammability is the same as wood blocks.
  • Medium flammability is the same as the target block.
  • High flammability is the same as wool and leaves.
  • Literally 'dry grass' flammability is the same as (literally) dry grass.
instacheese Instacheese from Buckets Buckets of milk can be used to place a block of cheese in the world.
integer_gamerule_rule Change value of game rule '<GAMERULE>' to <NUMBER> Changes the value of the specified game rule to the specified number.
invisible_armor Make armor invisible Makes every armor piece invisible whenever a player puts it on.
  • Don't despawn items dropped by player
  • Never despawn items on ground
Disables despawning of item entities either dropped by players or not, depending on the option.
item_despawn_time Change item despawn timer from <TIME> to <TIME> Changes the despawn timer for item entities to the specified time.
item_use_speed Multiply tool speed by <NUMBER>% Multiplies all blocks' mining speed by the specified amount.
keep_friends_close Keep your friends close Randomly teleports far-away players to each other.
lava_spread_tick_delay Lava spread tick delay set to: <NUMBER> Changes lava spread tick delay to the specified number.
less_gravity Flip gravity rules. Earth feels like moon now The Overworld's gravity is swapped with that of the moon dimension.
less_interaction_updates Less block updates from player interactions. Actually none at all... Block updates are no longer caused by players placing blocks or interacting with them.
loot_double_or_half Multiply loot drops of <ITEM> by <AMOUNT> When the specified item is dropped by a mob as loot, it is either doubled or halved, depending on the option.
mbe Minecraft Bedrock Edition (aka Movable Block Entities) Enables movable block entities. Items inside will be spat out when moved.
midas_touch Claim the power of the mighty Midas Anything the player touches turns to gold:
  • Items in the player's main hand, offhand, and armor slots turn to gold.
  • Touched mobs turn to gold, becoming completely frozen. Killed mobs drop gold blocks, ingots, and nuggets scaling with the mob's size.
  • Touched dropped items turn to gold.
  • Stepped on blocks turn to gold.
  • Opened chests become Golden Chests.

Most items and blocks become gold ingots and gold blocks, though certain items have special cases:

  • Iron, copper, and netherite ingots become gold ingots.
  • Iron nuggets become gold nuggets.
  • Raw copper and iron becomes raw gold.
  • Raw copper and iron blocks become raw gold blocks.
  • Ore blocks become gold ore.
  • Deepslate ore blocks become deepslate gold ore.
  • Nether quartz ore becomes nether gold ore.
  • Swords, axes, pickaxes, shovels, and hoes become golden.
  • Armor and horse armor becomes golden.
  • Apples become golden apples and golden apples become enchanted golden apples.
  • Carrots become golden carrots.
  • Melon slices become glistering melon slices.
  • Rails become powered rails.
  • Arrows become spectral arrows.
Players can also turn other players into gold, which has its own death message: "<PLAYERNAME> was turned into gold". Unlike the original story, running water will not convert blocks or entities back to their original form.
milk_every_mob Every mob can be milked Makes most mobs milkable. Villagers, illagers, witches and other players cannot be milked.
  • Disable minecarts breaking on collision
  • Minecarts break on high-speed collisions
  • Minecarts explode on high-speed collisions
Depending on value, minecarts will either not break, break, or explode during collisions with other entities.
minecart_lies Expose Minecart LIES! Makes minecarts horizontal whenever placed in rails.
minime Mini Player Mode Makes the player small.
morrowind_power_player_movement Move like a Morrowind powergamer Increases player speed, flying speed, and jump power, reduces player fall damage by 90% and heals the player by 1.4 health per second.
natural_spawn_disable Never naturally spawn <ENTITY> Prevents the specified entity type from spawning naturally.
natural_spawn_replacement Replace natural spawns of <ENTITY> with <ENTITY> Replaces every entity of the specified type spawned naturally with another.
nbt_crafting Enable NBT crafting Enables crafting of "name", "tag" and "bit" items, as well as NBT tag crafting.
new_vote_approve_option_count Set maximum number of options per new approval vote to <NUMBER>
new_vote_chance_per_tick Set chance to start new vote on every tick to 1/<NUMBER>
new_vote_cost Set voting cost and/or limits to: <COST>
new_vote_disable_opt_out Don't opt-out option to new votes with multiple choices
new_vote_duration_minutes Set duration of new votes to <NUMBER> minutes
new_vote_extra_effect_chance Set probability of creating combined votes to <NUMBER>%
new_vote_extra_effect_max_count Set maximum number of extra effects for new combined votes to <NUMBER>
new_vote_max_approve_vote_count Set maximum number of approval votes to <NUMBER>
new_vote_max_repeal_vote_count Set maximum number of repeal votes to <NUMBER>
new_vote_repeal_option_count Set maximum number of options per new repeal vote to <NUMBER>
new_vote_repeal_vote_chance Set chance of a new vote being a repeal vote to <NUMBER>%
normal_name_visibility Set normal entity name display to:
  • Never show entity names
  • Hide entity names behind blocks
  • Always show entity names from behind blocks
Makes name tags above players display in the specified way when a player is not sneaking.
obfuscate_player_names Obfuscate player names Applies obfuscated formatting to player names.
obsidian_gen_replace Spawn <BLOCK> instead of Obsidian when lava interacts with water Replaces obsidian with the specified block when generated by water running over lava.
only_mending_trades Villagers only trade Mending All villagers, regardless of profession, will sell Mending books. This is meant as a joke since a villager trading Mending is usually very difficult to find.
  • Set optimization level to <NUMBER>
  • Change optimization level from <NUMBER> to <NUMBER>
Adds "Optimization level: <NUMBER>" to the debug screen.
  • De-optimize light engine
  • Implement loadshedding to improve light engine performance
  • Turn on light everywhere to improve light engine performance
  • Turn off light everywhere to improve light engine performance
Changes the light engine accordingly. Turning off light everywhere also disables redstone power.
other_portal Enable Other Portal Allows creating Other Portals with a glowstone frame. Other Portals are activated with a water bucket. This is a reference to the highly popular Aether mod. It might also be a reference to Mojang having hired the developer who made the Aether mod
parent_trap Parent Trap Shuffles player positions.
perma_effect Give every player infinite <EFFECT>. All players have the specified effect infinitely.
persistent_parrots Persistent Parrots. They will NEVER leave you. Parrots on players' shoulders will never leave.
phantom_phantom Phantom Phantoms Phantoms phase through blocks, can no longer hurt players, and can only be hurt by attacking them with beds.
pickaxe_block Add Pickaxe Block Enables the pickaxe block.
place_block Add Place Block Enables the place block.
player_head_drop Players can drop head when exploded by charged creeper Players killed by charged creepers drop player heads. If multiple players and/or mobs that can drop heads are caught in the same explosion, only one of the entities will drop its head.
pot_gems Decorated pots drop gems when broken Decorated pots drop an emerald when broken.
potions_of_big Brew Potion of Big with Bottle O' Enchanting Enables the brewing recipe for the potion of big.
potions_of_small Brew Potion of Small with Rabbit Hide Enables the brewing recipe for the potion of small.
president <PLAYERNAME> for president Adds "President" to the player's name tag. Multiple players can be President at once.
prevent_floating_trees Prevent floating trees Replaces mined logs in trees with end rods.
push_limit Piston Push Limit: <NUMBER> Changes piston push limit.
quorum_percent Set number of players needed for a vote to pass to <NUMBER>% of online players
  • Default rain rules
  • Always rain
  • Never rain
Changes rain frequency. Changing the weather with commands has no effect on the rain (unless default rain rules is enabled).
random_tnt_fuse TNT fuse timer is random Primed TNT will be given a random fuse timer. The fuse can be as short as 1 tick or as long as 20 seconds.
ray_tracing Add Ray Tracing. Note: Ray Tracing requires additional processing resources. Adds the Ray Tracing mob.
recipe_double_or_half Multiply recipe output of <ITEM> by <AMOUNT> Doubles or halves (depending on the option) the number of the specified item as a result of recipes.
  • Shaped recipes accept only exact recipes
  • Shaped recipes accept only mirrored recipes
  • Shaped recipes accept all orientations
Allows the specified orientation(s) of shaped crafting recipes.
remove_phantoms Remove Phantoms Phantoms no longer spawn. Additionally kills any phantoms already spawned or spawned using commands.
replace_block_model Replace block model for <BLOCK> with <BLOCK> Swaps the block model of two blocks.
replace_item_model Replace item model for <ITEM> with <ITEM> Swaps the item model of two items.
replace_items Replace all <ITEM> with <ITEM> in player inventories All items of the specified type in players' inventories are replaced by another type.
replace_items_with_bottle_of_void Replace all <ITEM> with Bottle of Void in player inventories All items of the specified type in players' inventories are replaced by bottles of void.
replace_loot_drop Replace loot drop <ITEM> with <ITEM> Replaces all items of the specified type as loot (block drop, mob drop, chest loot, etc.) with another type.
replace_recipe_output Replace recipe output <ITEM> with <ITEM> Replaces all items of the specified type resulting from recipes as loot with another type.
rideable_entities Make all <ENTITY> entities rideable Allows players to ride entities of the specified type. Includes players and non-mob entities such as TNT.
rowing_up_that_hill Acknowledge boats as the superior way of transportation. Boats can row over walls up to 100 blocks tall.
rubies Replace emerald item with ruby (and only that - we are too lazy to do it properly) Replaces the emerald item with a ruby. Emerald blocks and ores are unaffected.
silent_vote Don't display voting output
sneaking_name_visibility Set sneaking entity name display to:
  • Never show entity names
  • Hide entity names behind blocks
  • Always show entity names from behind blocks
Makes name tags above players display in the specified way when a player is sneaking.
snitch Announce player votes in chat Announces publicly in the chat which option each player voted for each proposal.
sound_replace Replace <SOUND> with <SOUND> Causes actions that call the changed sound event to play the sound at the old volume and pitch, but the new sound and subtitle. This does not affect sounds played with /playsound.
spawn_egg_chance Set chance of entity dropping spawn egg to <NUMBER>% Sets the chance for mobs that have an assigned spawn egg to drop that spawn egg upon death.
special_recipe Enable wob[3] recipe (when value equals wob)
Enable suspicious banner pattern (when value equals m_banner_pattern)
Enable string concatenation (when value equals string_concatenation)
Enable diamond drows (when value equals diamond_drows)
(wob) Enables a recipe to create a wob: kind of bow that shoots backwards. The recipe is the same as for the bow, but with strings and sticks swapped.
(m_banner_pattern) Enables the recipe for Banner Pattern (New Thing). The recipe is 1 paper and 1 suspicious stew.
(string_concatenation) Enables the recipe to combine 2 strings into a longer string
(diamond_drows) Enables the recipe to create a diamond drows: a diamond sword with a mirrored texture.
Rules using values other than listed here will do nothing
stack_size_double_or_half Multiply maximum stack size of <ITEM> by <NUMBER> Doubles or halves the maximum stack size of the specified item.
sticky Realistic piston block sticking rules. It now makes sense now! Slime and honey blocks stick to regular blocks, similar to how regular blocks stick to slime blocks normally.
stone_gen_replace Spawn <BLOCK> instead of Stone when lava interacts with water Replaces stone with the specified block when generated by lava running over water.
swap_sky Swap overworld and The End sky Replaces the Overworld sky with The End sky. The Overworld still has normal ambient lighting, as if its sky had never changed. Gives The End fog similar to the overworld, and replaces its sky with a monochrome dull gray-purple color.
test_rule_please_ignore TEST RULE PLEASE IGNORE Adds the text "TEST VOTE PLEASE IGNORE" on the top-left area of the screen.
the_joke Keep ignoring Mobbo Plays a kazoo-like sound. Rule will not be listed in the approved rules.
  • Default thunder rules
  • Always thunder
  • Never thunder
Changes thunder frequency. Changing the weather with commands has no effect on the rain (unless default rain rules is enabled).
  • On tie pick option with lower number
  • On tie pick option with higher number
  • On tie pick random option
  • On tie pick all options
  • On tie remove tied option
  • On tie fail vote
Changes the vote tiebreaker strategy.
tnt_tennis Primed TNT can be knocked back Primed TNTs can now be knocked back by a player using a Knockback-enchanted sword.
trails_and_tails Get the Trails & Tails Update Player creates path blocks by walking on dirt and is given a tail[4].
transform_entity Transform every player into a <ENTITY> Transforms all players into the specified entity type.
  • Increase player scale by <NUMBER>x
  • Decrease player scale by <NUMBER>x
Increases or decreases all players' scale by the specified amount.
transparent_players Ghost Mode Makes all players transparent.
ultra_realistic_mode Ultra Realistic Mode Adds a thirst bar, shiny effect on screen and applies damage while the player is breaking a block with their fist. Makes the player over-encumbered when keeping heavy blocks in their inventory, giving them a slowness effect. Some elements in the world will have a bloom effect. Heavy blocks are defined by the #heavy item tag, which contains, obsidian, crying obsidian, and anvils.
uncontrolable_lave Uncontrollable lava Flowing lava creates source blocks, causing lava to spread forever.
undead_players Players are Undead Like undead mobs, players burn in sunlight, are harmed by health potions and healed by harming potions, take more damage from the Smite enchantment, can breathe underwater, are immune to regeneration and poison, and are not targeted by the Wither.
universal_jeb The universal jeb_™ experience All mobs named "jeb_" turn rainbow.
unstable_tnt All newly placed TNT blocks are unstable TNT will be primed when punched.
  • Villagers accept <ITEM> instead of gems
  • Villagers accept randomly assigned item instead of gems
  • Villagers accept randomly assigned item instead of gems (reshuffle)
Villagers use a different item as currency.
vote_max_results Pass up to <NUMBER> rules per vote
vote_result_pass_without_voters Pass vote even if it has no players voting for it
vote_result_pass_without_votes Also apply options that have received no votes
vote_result_pick_random_if_vote_fails Pass random options if vote fails
vote_result_reverse_counts Pass lowest-voted option instead of highest-voted ones
vote_result_show_tally Don't show final vote counts
vote_result_show_voters Reveal voters at the end of vote
votes_to_win_percent Require passing votes to receive at least <NUMBER>% of all cast votes
voting_fireworks Celebrate voting! Fireworks will shoot from the player upon voting.
wheels_on_minecarts Wheels-4-Minecarts! Adds rectangular wheels to minecarts.
wipwipwi-_-pwipwip Remove Herobrine Approving the proposal will cause all players to be kicked from the world with the message "Nice try." Approving the proposal changes the proposal message to "Tried to remove Herobrine". The repeal message is "You Can Not Redo."
world_of_giants A World of Giants All mobs are much bigger and drop more items on death. Creeper explosions are larger, but mobs do the same amount of damage
world_shape Change Overworld shape Changes the shape of the Overworld as seen from the Moon to either:
  • A square
  • An octagon
  • An isometric hexagon
  • A teapot
zombie_apocalypse It's the zombie apocalypse! Watch out for mushrooms. And zombies. Zombies, zombie villagers, and husks will target, attack, and infect any non-zombie mob. When infected, they will turn into regular zombies. Zombies are twice as fast at night, no longer burn during the day, and deal twice as much damage.

All colors used in biome color rules[]

All food restrictions[]

Food item Name of food restriction rule Name of item when inedible
Air rule.food_restriction.air_block rule.food_restriction.inedible.air_block
Apple An Apple Party Diet Oak Tree Nut
Baked Potato A Get Baked Diet Baked Bump from the Dirt
Beetroot A Beeter Diet Red Dirtbump
Beetroot Soup A Soup Kitchen Diet Blood in a Bowl?
Bread A Toasty Diet Dried Porridge
Cake A Birthday Diet Lies
Carrot A Rabbit Diet Rabbit Feed
Chorus Fruit A Nomportation Diet Purple Alien Orb
Cooked Chicken A Nugget Time Diet Burnt Bird
Cooked Cod A Fish Without Chips Diet Ruined Sushi
Cooked Mutton A Woolsome Diet Disgusting Burnt Sheep Piece
Cooked Porkchop Bringing Home the Bacon Diet Charred Pig Part
Cooked Rabbit A Bingo Diet It Liked Jumping Around You Murderer
Cooked Salmon A River Diet Slimy Fish Goop
Cookie An Unhealthy Diet Yucky Yellow Thing
Dried Kelp A Weedy Food Diet Dried But Somehow Also Slimy
Enchanted Golden Apple Michellin Level Expensive Diet Inedible Shining Blob
Glow Berries An X-Ray Diet Light Bulbs
Golden Apple A Healthy Diet Inedible Yellow Blob
Golden Carrot Expensive Rabbit Food Diet Rabbit Food
Honey Bottle A Sugar Drink Diet Too Much Sugar
Melon Slice sliceddiet Mostly Seeds
Mushroom Stew Shrooms! Only Shrooms! Fungal Goop
Poisonous Potato A Dubious Spud Diet Useless Knob
Potato Unboiled, Unmashed, Unstewed Diet Root Thing?
Pufferfish A Killer Diet The Terror of the Deep
Pumpkin Pie Mmmm, Pie. Pie! Only Pie! It's Not a Pie You Didn't Even Bake It
Rabbit Stew An Auto-Jump Diet Who Stewed Roger Rabbit?
Raw Beef A Cow Sushi Diet Cut Cow
Raw Chicken A Salmonella Diet Birdbits
Raw Cod A Fishy Diet Slimy Water Thing
Raw Mutton A Raw And Wooly Diet Sheet of Sheep
Raw Porkchop A Pork Belly Diet Piece of Pig
Raw Rabbit Raw Jumpers Only Bunneh :(
Raw Salmon A Sushi Diet Red Slimy Water Thing
Rotten Flesh A Rotten Diet Unhealthy Thing
Spider Eye A Witching Diet Arcachneous Orb
Steak A Meat Lovers Diet Cremated Cow
Suspicious Stew A Sus Diet Sus
Sweet Berries A Sweet, Sweet Diet Stick Blobs
Tropical Fish Only Eating Nemo Nemo


  • Added new attribute called minecraft:general.scale (Entity Scale).
  • Controls the magnification of entity size. Defaults to 1.0.
  • Added 6 new capes:
Name ID Texture
Awesom caep awesom Awesom Cape
Blonk Cape Blonk Cape

No round shapes allowed


No circle Cape

Nya, nya, nya, UwU!

nyan Nyan Cape
Squid Cape squid Squid Cape
Veterinarian Cape veterinarian Veterinarian Cape
  • The Blonk Cape cannot be viewed in-game.
Death messages
  • The following death messages have been added:
    • <player> experienced the dark side of the moon
      • Appears when the player runs out of breath and dies in The Moon dimension.
    • <player> was turned into gold
      • Appears when the player turns into gold by another player.
  • The original splash texts have been replaced with the following entries:
    • Exactly 181 rules to vote on!
    • Choose Your Own Adventure!
    • Choice Edition!
    • Democratic!
    • People's Choice!
    • Vote!
    • I Voted!
    • Picking and Choosing!
    • Freedom of Choice!
    • Make Your Voice Heard!
    • Choose Wisely!
    • As You Wish!
    • Community Choice!
    • Vote-Driven Development!
    • Mob Votes! Biome Votes! Food Votes! Moon Votes!
    • The Chosen Challenge!
    • To the Moon!
    • The Golden Vote!
    • Voted Game of the Year!
    • By Popular Vote!
    • A/B Voting!
    • Fair Votes Guaranteed!
    • Multiple Choice Gaming!
    • Vote With Your Gaming!
    • Game-Changing Votes!
    • Your Call!
    • You Decide!
    • I Demand a Recount!
    • Vox Populi, Vox Dei!
    • Machine Voting!
    • Online Voting!
    • Voting About Voting!
    • Can't Blame The Developers For Your Choices!
  • Added a new toast notification that appears every few seconds when the player has not yet opened their voting screen, and a vote proposal has started. The notification title is "New proposal received!" in purple text, while the main message differs depending on how long has passed since the first notification appeared.
    • Opening the voting screen once prevents these toasts from ever appearing in the future, unless options.txt is edited externally.
    • These toasts use a value called "urgency" which has four values: LOW, MEDIUM, CONCERNING, WHY_ARE_YOU_NOT_DOING_IT.
    • They start at LOW urgency, which lasts 2 minutes, change to MEDIUM for 2 minutes, then to CONCERNING for 1 minute and finally to WHY_ARE_YOU_NOT_DOING_IT until the world is closed or the voting screen is opened.
    • The notification's main message changes depending on the level of urgency.
      • At LOW urgency, toasts appear every 15 seconds, last 5 seconds each and can have the following messages:
        • Press v to open voting screen
        • To open voting screen, press v
        • New vote started, press v to cast your vote
      • At MEDIUM urgency, toasts appear every 10 seconds, last 3 seconds each and can have the following messages:
        • A new proposal is waiting for your vote, press v
        • Others are having fun while you are not pressing v
        • Time to change some rules, press v
        • You have new vote proposals to review, press v to access!
      • At CONCERNING urgency, toasts appear every 5 seconds, last 2 seconds each and can have the following messages:
        • Ok, so the whole idea of this release is to vote, so press v
        • Somebody wants to tell you what you can and can not do, press v to prevent that
        • At this point you are probably just waiting to see what happens next. Fine! But you can avoid that by pressing v.
        • If you can't find v, it's probably on your keyboard
        • Not pressing v has been proven less fun that pressing v
        • Do you want more phantoms? That's how you get more phantoms! Press v
        • Please, just press v and be done with it!
        • Hot votes in your area! Press v
      • At WHY_ARE_YOU_NOT_DOING_IT urgency, toasts appear every half a second, last 1 second each and can have the following messages:
        • gfdgh bbtvsvtfgfsgb a vjhrst ujs t 452423 r
        • Press v to open voting screen
        • AAAAAAA v AAAAAAA!
          • The red and blue parts of this message are obfuscated.



  • Ruby JE1 BE1 Voting for rubies will replace emeralds with rubies and villager trading system will be updated.
  • Does not affect emerald blocks or ore.
  • In 2012, rubies were a mentioned feature by Jeb.
Name Tag


  • Kingbdogz Naming a tamed wolf 'kingbdogz' will give it a golden crown with diamonds, referencing kingbdogz.

Non-mob entities[]

  • Minecart with Wheels Voting for wheels_on_minecarts will give minecarts 3D wheels.

Stencil Display

  • An invisible entity that is only shown as neon white when a block is placed in its hitbox, the hitbox is not shown when clicking F3+B,


  • Bartosz Bok showed a video of a minecart with 3D wheels 3 years ago.[5]
  • The Wob item either appears to be a reference to a common crafting misconception. A post about this was made on Twitter that tagged the YouTuber PhoenixSC, who made a concept for this and seems to be the inspiration for the feature.[3][6]
  • The "Trails & Tails" rule could also be a reference to a PhoenixSC video based off a misspelling of the update's title in an official article. The typo since has been fixed.[7][8]
  • The "Exactly 181 rules to vote on!" splash doesn't exist in the splashes.txt file, but is generated by the game on startup instead.
  • Rule uncontrolable_lave and fire_sponge contain a misspelling of lava, based off a bug that appeared in 22w44a.[9]
  • Rule codepoint_replace can be "Replace 'k' with 'K'", which causes the miscapitalization of "block" into "blocK", based off a bug that appeared in 20w45a.[10]





Player Tails[]


  1. The colors used in the original release came from a survey conducted by xkcd. This list has multiple colour names including swear words, an example being [spoiler]baby sh*t green. The inappropriate names were later removed.[more information needed]