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Minecraft 22w19a
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May 12, 2022

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Protocol version

 dec: 1073741908
 hex: 40000054

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22w19a is the tenth and final snapshot for Java Edition 1.19, released on May 12, 2022,[1] which introduces chat preview, merges /locate and /locatebiome into the new /locate, adds the ability to locate a POI (Point of Interest), the ability to place a template, and fixes bugs.


Command format[]

  • Added /locate poi, can locate a POI (Point of Interest), with following syntax:
    • /locate poi <poi>
      • poi: The namespaced ID of a POI, or a POI tag.
  • Added /place template, can place templates at a given location, with following syntax:
    • /place template <template> [<pos>] [<rotation>] [<mirror>] [<integrity>] [<seed>]
      • Works like using the load button in the UI for a structure block.
      • template: The namespaced ID of a template ("structure block file") to load and place.
      • pos: The position to use as the origin for the generation. (if omitted, ~ ~ ~ is used)
      • rotation: The rotation to apply. (if omitted, none is used)
      • mirror: The mirroring to apply. (if omitted, none is used)
      • integrity: The structure integrity value between 0 and 1.
      • seed: The seed to use for the randomized degradation when integrity is less than 1.


  • Servers can now enable chat preview, which displays a server-controlled preview above the chat edit box, showing how the message appears when sent.
    • Can be used by servers to preview messages with styling applied, such as emojis or chat coloring.
    • Chat preview sends chat messages to the server as they are typed, even before they're sent.
      • The server then sends back the styled preview in real time.
      • This allows servers to apply dynamic message stylings while still allowing chat to be securely signed.
    • A warning toast message is shown on the client when joining a server with chat preview, and it can be globally disabled in chat settings.
    • Dynamic chat styling can also be controlled by the server, although this is only signed when chat preview is enabled.
      • Clients can prefer to always show the original, signed message by enabling "Only Show Signed Chat" in chat settings.
  • Added "Chat Preview" chat option, for enabling chat preview. Toggled on by default.
  • Added "Only Show Signed Chat" chat option, for clients who prefers to always show the original, signed message. Toggled off by default.
  • Added chatPreview, and onlyShowSignedChat.
  • Servers now also send an additional icon and MOTD packet after a player has connected.
    • This allows servers with enable-status=false to set an icon and MOTD for players that successfully connect.
  • Added server property previews-chat to enable chat preview.
    • Defaults to false.
  • Added temporary server property test-rainbow-chat, for this snapshot only.
  • Added following point_of_interest_type tags (new type):
    • #acquirable_job_site: armorer, butcher, cartographer, cleric, farmer, fisherman, fletcher, leatherworker, librarian, mason, shepherd, toolsmith, and weaponsmith.
      • This tag defines job sites sought by villagers with none profession.
    • #bee_home: beehive, and bee_nest.
      • This tag defines POIs that bees target.
    • #village: #acquirable_job_site, home, and meeting.
      • This tag defines POIs that belongs to villages.



Iron Golem
  • Now make sure to spawn above something solid, so they can now spawn on top of glass and leaves and are no longer blocked by things like string.
  • Now make sure to spawn above something solid, so they can now spawn on top of glass and leaves and are no longer blocked by things like string.
  • Ranged attack damage is now affected by difficulty.

World generation[]


Command format[]

/locate and /locatebiome
  • Merged into the new /locate command:
    • /locate -> /locate structure
    • /locatebiome -> /locate biome


Point of Interest types
  • Removed unemployed, and nitwit point_of_interest_type.


24 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.19
  • MC-197647 – Players cannot jump off the edge of blocks when sneaking if they have a block above.
  • MC-231600 – Sculk sensor continuously receives vibrations when next to a powered big dripleaf.
From the 1.19 development versions
  • MC-249130 – Tadpoles hatch inside of adjacent blocks, causing them to suffocate and die.
  • MC-249161 – Frogs frequently get stuck below lily pads.
  • MC-249634 – Warden's sniffing behavior continues after being distracted.
  • MC-249664 – Warden despawns when far away.
  • MC-249801 – Mineshafts can intersect ancient cities.
  • MC-249888 – Warden is not angered when hit by a blaze fireball.
  • MC-249910 – Warden "Nearby Closest" sound is unused.
  • MC-249966 – Warden can stop chasing a target it just roared at.
  • MC-250172 – Warden doesn't turn toward the direction it is firing the Sonic Boom attack.
  • MC-250233 – A warden summoned from a spawn egg suddenly losing its AI.
  • MC-250272 – Warden spawns in blocks that have no collision.
  • MC-250353 – Warden cannot spawn on a single snow layer like other mobs.
  • MC-250357 – Sculk sensors and Wardens detect when a player holds up a shield.
  • MC-250948 – Warden's ranged attack is no longer affected by the game's difficulty.
  • MC-250966 – Dying to the warden's sonic boom doesn't count as the warden's kill.
  • MC-251029 – Warden froze and stopped being hostile toward the player.
  • MC-251263 – "Invalid signature for profile public key" when trying to open a singleplayer world.
From the previous development version
  • MC-251316 – The game crashes when loading chunks that consist of jigsaw blocks.
  • MC-251321 – Warden can be pushed by explosions while emerging.
  • MC-251350/give @s goat_horn gives an unregistered goat horn.
  • MC-251396java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Name and ID cannot both be blank.
  • MC-251464 – When passive mobs take damage from warden's sonic boom, they don't flee in panic.


Video made by slicedlime:


This snapshot has been released on a Thursday instead of Wednesday, just like snapshots before 14w26a


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