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April 20, 2022

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 dec: 1073741904
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22w16a is the sixth snapshot for Java Edition 1.19, released on April 20, 2022,[1] which introduces new music, tweaks to the allay, more predictable randomized events, and fixes bugs.



Disc Fragment
  • Added a new music disc fragment titled "5".
    • Can only be obtained from the chests in the ancient cities. They are extremely rare and hard to obtain.
Music Disc
  • Added a new music disc by Samuel Åberg titled "5".
    • Can only be obtained through crafting by using 9 "Disc Fragment 5"s.

Non-mob entities[]

  • Added unused painting earth, wind, fire, and water from Bedrock Edition.
    • These paintings are not placeable by default, but can be added through commands (such as /summon painting ~ ~ ~ {variant:"water"}) or through a datapack.

Command format[]

Game rules
  • Added doWardenSpawning game rule, to control whether warden can be spawned or not, defaults to true.


Debug screen
  • Added a heap memory allocation metric.
  • Added following block tag:
    • #frogs_spawnable_on: grass_block, mud, mangrove_roots, muddy_mangrove_roots, and moss_carpet.
  • Added following painting variant tag (new type):
    • #placeable: kebab, aztec, alban, aztec2, bomb, plant, wasteland, pool, courbet, sea, sunset, creebet, wanderer, graham, match, bust, stage, void, skull_and_roses, wither, fighters, pointer, pigscene, burning_skull, skeleton, and donkey_kong.
      • These paintings are placeable in survival mode.





Bucket of aquatic mob
  • Now plays sounds when picking up or releasing tadpoles.


  • Raised health from 10♥♥♥♥♥ to 20♥ × 10.
  • Lowered the delay after item throw from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Raised item search range from 9 to 32.
  • Changed movement speeds:
    • Now slower when just wandering.
    • Now faster when collecting items, going to the player or going to a note block.
  • Changed throwing arc to make them hit their target more consistently.
  • Now drop the item they were holding when dying.
  • Are now unable to despawn if they are holding an item they have been given.
  • Now make a sound when they toss an item.
  • Now make a sound when they grow up into a frog.

World generation[]

Mangrove Swamp
  • Atmospheric water color has been changed to a pale green tint.


  • Updated LWJGL library to 3.3.1.
  • The places where the following existing music can be played are changed:[note 2]
    • "Stand Tall", "Wending", and "Infinite Amethyst" can no longer be played in the main menu.
    • "Left to Bloom" and "One More Day" can no longer be played in the main menu, can be played in all types of forests, jungles, and old growth taigas.
    • "Floating Dream" and "Comforting Memories" can be played in all types of forests, jungles, and old growth taigas.
  • Removed the particle allay_dust.
Randomized events predictability
  • Following randomized events are now more predictable, and no longer have a possibility of extreme behaviors:
    • Placement and velocity of things dropped from droppers or dispensers.
    • Placement and velocity of items spawned from containers upon destroy.
    • Randomized follow_range component attribute for mobs.
    • Velocity of horses spawned from skeleton traps.
    • Blaze random position and randomized speed of blaze projectiles.
    • Randomized portion of damage and velocity of arrows.
    • Randomized flight pattern of firework rockets.
    • Bobbing patterns and time until a fish for fishing rods.
  • The #music_discs item tag now includes the new music_disc_5.


36 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.19
  • MC-81870 – Editing entitydata of Painting does not reflect ingame until chunk reload.
  • MC-111809 – Paintings unrender when entity data is updated rapidly.
  • MC-121376 – Cannot bind "caps" key in control settings.
  • MC-187188 – Painting NBT and registry contain a typo: "Motive" instead of "Motif".
  • MC-226184 – Axolotls pathfinding to water can sometimes fall in wide holes.
  • MC-228049 – Axolotl can't pathfind through open doors.
  • MC-228174 – Axolotls try to pathfind through 2 tall walls.
  • MC-244957 – "Search" Option in Social Interactions Screen is not labeled in the right order when using Tab ↹.
  • MC-245001 – "Manage with Microsoft account" button in Social Interactions menu is not centered.
  • MC-249169 – Paintings do not have their packet coordinates set on spawn.
  • MC-249245 – Turtle can't pathfind through open doors.
  • MC-249246 – Strider can't pathfind through open doors.
From the 1.19 development versions
  • MC-249084 – No sound is present for placing a Bucket of Tadpole.
  • MC-249092 – Mangrove Stripped Log, Stripped Wood and Wood are in the incorrect order in the creative inventory.
  • MC-249176 – Froglights are not visible on maps.
  • MC-249193 – Frog can't pathfind through open doors.
  • MC-249217 – Fluid level next to froglights is too low.
  • MC-249265 – Some blocks cannot be placed on froglights.
  • MC-249459 – Cactus is not destroyed by froglights.
  • MC-249663 – The subtitles of some parrot imitation sounds are inconsistent with the original sounds' subtitles.
  • MC-249679 – Incorrect activation of warden's sniffing animations and behavior.
  • MC-249715 – Allays don't drop their held items upon death.
  • MC-249766 – Allays can despawn after being given an item if they haven't picked up any items yet.
  • MC-249790 – Allay follows and drops items for players in spectator mode.
  • MC-249838 – Allays lose their idle animation once they start moving.
  • MC-249855 – Parity Issue: Allays don't have a flying animation in Java.
  • MC-249912minecraft:ancient_city/city_center_3 is one block shorter compared than the other ancient city centers.
  • MC-249928 – Mangrove tree roots do not update blocks around them when generating.
  • MC-250039 – Wardens can get angry at mobs outside world border.
  • MC-250040 – Wardens can hear mobs beyond the world border.
  • MC-250041 – Wardens can spawn outside of world border.
  • MC-250044 – Observers don't detect mangrove roots when tree grows.
  • MC-250094 – Wardens ignore /kill execution whilst they're emerging or digging.
  • MC-250095 – Wardens can spawn in very narrow places, causing them to suffocate.
From the previous development version
  • MC-250293 – The allay_dust particle is unused.
  • MC-250294 – Parity Issue: Allays item detection range is significantly smaller than in Bedrock.


Videos made by slicedlime:


  1. Released to all 1.19 snapshots.
  2. Changed to all 1.19 snapshots.


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