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April 13, 2022

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 dec: 1073741903
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22w15a is the fifth snapshot for Java Edition 1.19, released on April 13, 2022,[1] which adds ranged attack for wardens, two new advancements, and fixes bugs.



  • Added two new advancements:
    • "Sneak 100"
      • Sneak near a sculk sensor, sculk shrieker or warden to prevent it from hearing you
    • "When the Squad Hops into Town"
      • Get each frog variant on a lead
  • Added avoid_vibration advancement trigger.
    • Triggered when a vibration event is ignored because the source player is holding the sneak key, with following conditions:
      • player: a player for which this trigger runs
  • Added thrown_item_picked_up_by_player advancement trigger.
    • Triggered when a player picks up an item that was thrown by an entity, with following conditions:
      • player: a predicate for the player picking up the item
      • entity: a predicate for the entity that threw the item
      • item: a predicate for the item


  • Added a new particle: sonic_boom.
  • Added following block tags:
    • #completes_find_tree_tutorial: #logs, #leaves, and #wart_blocks.
    • #dampens_vibrations: #wool, and #wool_carpets.
    • #nether_carver_replaceables: #base_stone_overworld, #base_stone_nether, #dirt, #nylium, #wart_blocks, soul_sand, and soul_soil.
    • #overworld_carver_replaceables: #base_stone_overworld, #dirt, #sand, #terracotta, #iron_ores, #copper_ores, water, gravel, sandstone, red_sandstone, calcite, snow, packed_ice, raw_iron_block, and raw_copper_block.
  • Added following item tags:
    • #completes_find_tree_tutorial: #logs, #leaves, and #wart_blocks.
    • #wart_blocks: nether_wart_block, and warped_wart_block.



  • Carpets, like wool blocks, will now dampen the vibrations caused by their placing, breaking or dropping as items.
  • Carpets now also dampen the vibrations caused by running and jumping over them.
Glow Lichen and Sculk Veins
  • Can now be placed on the top and sides of soul sand, mud and maximum height snow.
Mangrove Leaves
  • Changed its texture.
  • Are now able to drop when using Silk Touch tools.
Mangrove Roots
  • Can now be composted.
Muddy Mangrove Roots
Note Block
  • Reverted the change made in 22w13a in which only wool and wool carpets would block sounds.
Sculk Shrieker
  • Changed its model and its side texture.


  • Changed "You Got a Friend in Me" to "You've Got a Friend in Me".[2]
  • Fixed capitalization issues in several advancements.


Boats and Boats with Chests
  • Changed item textures of all types of boats and boats with chests.
Recovery Compass


  • Now have a natural health regeneration of 2♥ per second.
Wandering Trader
  • Can now charge a ranged attack when the player is building high, hiding behind walls or being out of range of their melee attack.
    • Their rib cages will open up to shriek a sonically charged ranged attack that can penetrate walls.
    • The ranged attack deals 30♥ × 15 damage in Normal and can hit at a horizontal distance of 15 blocks.
    • The ranged attack can only hit one target at a time.
  • Can now smell players from further away.
  • The vertical range wardens get angry at a target while sniffing is now 20 blocks instead of 6 blocks.

Non-mob entities[]

Boats with Chests
  • Now, the inventory can be accessed by right click directly when there is already a passenger inside of it.
Item Frame
  • Now adjusts its hitbox to account for the larger size of a framed map.

World generation[]

Mangrove Swamp
  • Mud now generates all the way from the surface down to stone.
  • Cave carvers can now cut through mud.
  • Tall mangroves are far more common than short mangroves now.
  • Moss carpet now generates on top of some mangrove tree's roots.
  • Tropical fish now spawn in water.
  • Water fog color is now cyan instead of yellow like in the normal swamp.


  • The Darkness effect is now required for the "How Did We Get Here" advancement.
  • The parent advancement of the "With our powers combined!" advancement is changed from "Bukkit bukkit" to "When the Squad Hops into Town".
  • The ID of the "Birthday Song" advancement is changed from allay_deliver_cake_to_noteblock to allay_deliver_cake_to_note_block.
  • Removed item_delivered_to_player advancement trigger.


Bonus chest
Creative inventory
  • All types of wooden stairs are now found together in the same order as other wooden blocks.
  • The recovery compass is now found next to the regular compass.
  • Renamed #ignore_vibrations_on_occluding_block game event tag to #dampenable_vibrations.
  • Renamed #occludes_vibration_signals item tag to #dampens_vibrations, and added #wool_carpets to it.
  • Mud is no longer part of the #dead_bush_may_place_on, and #enderman_holdable block tags.
  • Mud and muddy mangrove roots are now part of the #dirt block and item tag.
  • Moss carpet and vine are now part of the #mangrove_logs_can_grow_through block tag.
  • Moss carpet, vine, mangrove propagule and snow are now part of the #mangrove_roots_can_grow_through block tag.


56 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.19
  • MC-147686 – Joining a world that uses custom resources shows default resources until fully loaded.
  • MC-183520 – Phantoms with NoAI can go through blocks.
  • MC-212610 – Glow lichens cannot be put on soul sand.
  • MC-212629 – Leashes from two or more invisible entities connect to each other.
  • MC-216567 – Vines cannot be placed on the sides of 8 layers of snow.
  • MC-216569 – Glow lichen cannot be placed on the side of 8 layers of snow.
  • MC-219642 – Vines cannot be placed on the sides of soul sand.
  • MC-226430 – Several 1.17 advancement strings are improperly capitalized.
  • MC-228862 – Game freezes when client fails to download server resource pack.
  • MC-231458 – The word "ingot" within the "Serious Dedication" advancement description is improperly capitalized.
  • MC-235035 – Sleeping in a custom dimension with natural set to false causes crash.
  • MC-237920 – "Feels like home" advancement is incorrectly capitalized.
  • MC-237922 – "Jukebox" in Sound of Music description is incorrectly capitalized.
  • MC-237924 – The word "villager" within the "Star Trader" advancement description is improperly capitalized.
From the 1.19 development versions
  • MC-249072 – Sculk shriekers replace water blocks.
  • MC-249087 – The inside texture of mangrove roots darkens when solid blocks are placed adjacent to them.
  • MC-249111sculk_charge cannot be used in /particle command.
  • MC-249208 – Vines, glow lichens, and sculk veins cannot be placed on the side or top faces of mud.
  • MC-249315 – Mangrove Roots cannot be composted.
  • MC-249347 – Map color for mangrove sign and mangrove wall sign is incorrect.
  • MC-249423 – Player can't open the boat with chests without a ⇧ Shift, even when player can't get into the boat.
  • MC-249445 – Activated sculk shriekers fail to summon the warden when broken.
  • MC-249488 – Darkness pulsing option is not saved.
  • MC-249495 – Inconsistent shading in boat item sprites.
  • MC-249632 – The Darkness effect is not required for the "How Did We Get Here?" advancement.
  • MC-249664 – Warden despawns when far away.
  • MC-249688 – Mangrove stairs come after nether wood stairs in the Building Blocks tab.
  • MC-249737 – Allay can be pushed around with {NoAI:1b}.
  • MC-249741 – New advancement names are not properly capitalized.
  • MC-249785 – Warden can be pushed when emerging and digging.
From the previous development version
  • MC-249917 – Mangrove trees don't replace certain blocks with roots.
  • MC-249923 – Recovery compass isn't sorted with regular compass in creative inventory.
  • MC-249927 – Player can use a Recovery Compass on a Lodestone.
  • MC-249931 – Growing a Mangrove Tree with bone meal creates a ghost block.
  • MC-249933 – Game crash related to the frog occurred (Accessing LegacyRandomSource from multiple threads).
  • MC-249934 – Mangrove roots sometimes don't generate waterlogged when generating within water.
  • MC-249936 – Cave carvers don't cut through mud.
  • MC-249938 – Mangrove Leaves do not drop from Silk Touch tools.
  • MC-249942 – Water got removed after waterlogged Mangrove Propagule grows.
  • MC-249947 – Top of Sculk Shrieker model is vertically squished.
  • MC-249968 – Powering a beacon disconnects player from server.
  • MC-249977 – Harsh chunk borders appear when upgrading a 1.18.2 world.
  • MC-249979 – Chance to have mangrove roots not waterlogged when growing from a sapling while underwater.
  • MC-249984 – "note_block" is inconsistently spelled as "noteblock" in the allay_deliver_cake_to_noteblock advancement.
  • MC-250017UUID launch argument required.
  • MC-250025 – The "You Got a Friend in Me" advancement is incorrectly presented in the past tense.
  • MC-250063 – Warden doesn't attack anything after dismounting as a passenger.
  • MC-250081 – Wandering trader doesn't trade mangrove propagule.
  • MC-250099 – Mangrove Log and Mangrove Planks don't spawn in bonus chest.
  • MC-250101 – Can't plant sugar cane on mud.
  • MC-250103 – Can't plant bamboo on mud.
  • MC-250104 – Can't plant big dripleaf on mud.
  • MC-250106 – Overworld vegetation cannot be placed on muddy mangrove roots.
  • MC-250115 – Mud does not generate underwater in mangrove swamps.
  • MC-250135 – Sculk veins cannot be placed on the top or sides of soul sand.
  • MC-250136 – Sculk veins cannot be placed on eight layers of snow.


Videos made by slicedlime:


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