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April 6, 2022

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 dec: 1073741902
 hex: 4000004E

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22w14a is the fourth snapshot for Java Edition 1.19, released on April 6, 2022,[1] which adds mangrove trees, mangrove swamps, echo shards, recovery compasses and fixes some bugs related to ancient cities and wardens.



Echo Shard
Recovery Compass
  • A new type of compass which can point to the last place where player died.
  • Randomly spins if not held by a player, the player hasn't died, or when the player is not in the same dimension of the death point.
  • Can be crafted with a compass surrounded by 8 echo shards.

World generation[]

Mangrove Swamp
  • A new swamp biome with teal water that often generates in warmer clusters, usually next to jungles and deserts.
  • Contains mangrove trees, a new type of tree.
    • Has an unique shape, with a root system of mangrove roots leading up to a forking trunk and mangrove leaves.
    • It has a chance to generate a bee nest.
    • Grows from mangrove propagules.
  • Naturally spawns warm frogs and slimes, but there are no sheep, cows, pigs or chickens.
  • Does not generate witch huts.
  • The floor is coated with a single layer of mud.


  • Added two new advancements:
    • You Got a Friend in Me
      • Have an Allay deliver items to you
    • Birthday Song
      • Have an Allay drop a cake at a note block
  • Added item_delivered_to_player advancement trigger.
    • Triggered when an allay delivers an item to a player, with following conditions:
      • player: a player for which this trigger runs
  • Added allay_drop_item_on_block advancement trigger.
    • Triggered when an allay drops an item on a block, with following conditions:
      • player: a player for which this trigger runs
      • location: a predicate for the block that the item was dropped on
      • item: a predicate for the item that was dropped


Player.dat format
  • Added a new LastDeathLocation field, which contains a dimension string and a list of three integers representing the block position of the player's last death called pos.
  • Added following block tags:
    • #dead_bush_may_place_on: #sand, #terracotta, #dirt, and mud.
    • #mangrove_logs_can_grow_through: mud, muddy_mangrove_roots, mangrove_roots, mangrove_leaves, mangrove_log, and mangrove_propagule.
    • #mangrove_roots_can_grow_through: mud, muddy_mangrove_roots, and mangrove_roots.
  • Added following item tag:
    • #compasses: compass, and recovery_compass.
  • Added following entity tag:
    • #frog_food: slime, and magma_cube.
  • Added following game event tag:
    • #shrieker_can_listen: sculk_sensor_tendrils_clicking
  • Added following cat variant tag (new type):
    • #default_spawns: tabby, black, red, siamese, british, calico, persian, ragdoll, white, and jellie.
    • #full_moon_spawns: #default_spawns, and all_black.



Dead Bush
  • Can now be placed on mud.
Mangrove Propagule
  • Now correctly grows into mangrove trees instead of oak trees.


  • Now actually kill their food, using a base attack strength of 10.
  • Now get angry at all mobs that bump into it, not just players.
  • Can no longer spawn on water.
  • Can now pathfind through lava.
  • Shadow is now the appropriate size.

World Generation[]

Ancient City
  • Removed small_portal_statue, intact_horizontal_wall_stairs_upward, top_piece, bottom_piece and variant structures because they duplicate existing structures.
  • Changed some structures:
    • Slightly changed city_center_2 blocks around the chest so that vibrations generated there are always detected by the sculk sensor below.
    • A missing sculk sensor was added for the redstone lamp in bottom_1.
    • Replaced the light blue and blue carpets in ice_box_1 with gray carpets, and the trapdoor there is no longer open by default.
    • entrance_path_5 is now able to generate.
  • Changed the loot found in chests:
    • There's now an extra roll of loot for every chest, with one possible loot option being now 1-3 echo shards.
    • Replaced the golden carrot in city_center_2 chest with a golden apple.


  • The mangrove swamp is now required to be visited for the "Adventuring Time" advancement.
  • Removed field location from triggers location, slept_in_bed, hero_of_the_village, and voluntary_exile. It was handled exactly the same as player.location.


Entity format
  • Replaced CatType field in cats' entity format with variant.
    • Accepted type of value is changed from numeric values to strings IDs. (e.g. 5 -> minecraft:calico)
  • There's also have a similar change to frogs' entity format like the cats' one.
Loot tables
  • The special case size-dependent loot drops of slimes and magma cubes are now data driven and part of their loot tables, using the new sub-predicate types.
  • The loot drops for frog food are now part of the food's death loot, instead of dropping hard-coded item types.
  • player, fishing_hook, lightning_bolt, and catType fields have been replaced with type_specific.
  • type_specific has field type (one of player, fishing_hook, lightning_bolt or cat) and same fields as removed fields.
  • Example:
  • Before:
 "lightning_bolt": {
   "blocks_set_on_fire": 0
  • After:
  "type_specific": {
    "type": "lightning",
    "blocks_set_on_fire": 0
  • catType has been wrapped to match new format and now uses new cat variant names instead of texture names.
  • Before:
"catType": "minecraft:textures/entity/cat/british_shorthair.png"
  • After:
 "type_specific": {
    "type": "cat",
    "variant": "minecraft:british"
  • New type_specific options:
    • frog has variant field matching frog variant (minecraft:warm, minecraft:temperate or minecraft:cold).
    • slime applies for slimes and magma cubes, has size field matching slime size (smallest is 1).
  • Mangrove swamp is now part of the #allows_surface_slime_spawns, #has_closer_water_fog, #has_structure/mineshaft, #has_structure/ruined_portal_swamp, #is_overworld, #spawns_warm_variant_frogs, and #water_on_map_outlines biome tag.
  • Removed #ancient_city_center_replaceable block tag, and merged all its contents into the #ancient_city_replaceable block tag.
  • Renamed #warden_events_can_listen game event tag to #warden_can_listen, then:
    • Removed sculk_sensor_tendrils_clicking.
    • Added #shrieker_can_listen.


57 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.19
  • MC-91364 – Mob loot cannot be specified for small magma cube and big/medium slime.
  • MC-176621 – Entity spawn packets use integers for yaw and pitch instead of bytes.
  • MC-207289 – Sculk sensor wool occlusion has directional bias.
  • MC-207522 – Sculk sensors don't react to horses kicking.
  • MC-207635 – Sculk sensors react differently to wool occlusion depending on the global direction.
  • MC-209905 – Sculk sensors are not activated upon milking entities.
  • MC-228533 – Sculk sensors don't detect the feeding of untamed/trusting mobs.
From the 1.19 development versions
  • MC-249075 – Sculk shrieker isn't grouped with other sculk related blocks in the decorations tab of creative inventory.
  • MC-249122block.sculk_catalyst.bloom has no subtitle.
  • MC-249124block.sculk_shrieker.shriek currently has no subtitle.
  • MC-249254 – Frogs eating named slimes or magma cubes isn't logged in console.
  • MC-249255 – Sculk catalyst does not spread when a frog kills a slime or a magma cube.
  • MC-249264 – Frogs can make eating sounds ("Frog eats") when they can't get close to their target, even without opening their mouths.
  • MC-249369 – Frogs instantly kill small slimes regardless of their total health or resistance.
  • MC-249384 – Warden can create Light, barriers or structure voids particles when digging.
  • MC-249386 – The entity shadows of wardens are too small in relation to the size of their models.
  • MC-249387 – Warden's digging sound is the same as its emerging sound.
  • MC-249400 – The vertical movement of wardens when they're in liquids is too sensitive.
  • MC-249401 – Warden spawn egg isn't alphabetized correctly.
  • MC-249415 – Wardens won't pathfind through lava even though they're immune to it.
  • MC-249422 – Some subtitles relating to the warden don't contain possessive apostrophes where appropriate.
  • MC-249426 – Angered wardens play the "warden takes notice angrily" sound when hit in survival on top of their hurt sound.
  • MC-249430 – Wardens remember players in creative mode.
  • MC-249434 – The warden indefinitely roars when attacked by multiple entities.
  • MC-249447 – Activated sculk shriekers fail to summon the warden if you run away.
  • MC-249451 – Warden doesn't appear in spawner.
  • MC-249455 – "Not a string" appears in log when serializing angered Warden.
  • MC-249473 – Some Warden sounds play in Peaceful difficulty.
  • MC-249476 – Warden can spawn in water.
  • MC-249479 – Wardens will attack their teammates.
  • MC-249496 – Large amounts of wardens cause performance issues.
  • MC-249499 – Warden summoned with silent tag still plays heartbeat sounds.
  • MC-249504 – The sounds of wardens groaning angrily aren't controlled by the "Hostile Creatures" sound slider.
  • MC-249509 – Warden is invisible for a split second when spawned in by spawner or spawn egg.
  • MC-249517 – Warden doesn't detect non-player mobs colliding with them.
  • MC-249526 – Sculk shriekers are not activated when the player is riding something.
  • MC-249530 – Warden's hitbox shows up in peaceful difficulty.
  • MC-249531 – Warden indefinitely roars when the attack target is invulnerable.
  • MC-249646 – The warden sniffs excessively after killing a mob.
  • MC-249659 – Sculk Catalyst and Sculk Veins only drop when broken by Silk Touch hoe.
  • MC-249674 – Wardens forget their targets on world reload.
From the previous development version
  • MC-249712 – Server hangs and game stops responding when loading a chunk containing a structure with an allay.
  • MC-249714 – Z-fighting can be seen on the wings of allays during their death animation.
  • MC-249720 – Allay's wings are not attached to its body.
  • MC-249727 – Wardens stop sensing vibrations after world reload.
  • MC-249728 – Lava can generate in ancient cities and burn wool.
  • MC-249729 – Z-fighting can be seen on the underside of allays' heads.
  • MC-249751 – Warden UV overlapping.
  • MC-249758 – Z-fighting can be seen when the arms of allays intersect their bodies.
  • MC-249761 – Trapdoor of Ice Box in Ancient Cities is by default open.
  • MC-249764 – Second lamp in the centers of ancient cities is missing its sculk sensor.
  • MC-249768entrance_path_5 can never generate.
  • MC-249769 – Unused structures in ancient cities.
  • MC-249800 – Redstone door sculk sensor in the Ancient City center is too far away to consistently detect the player eating.
  • MC-249816 – Wardens hitbox doesn't adjust when emerging and digging.
  • MC-249825 – Frogs ignore doMobLoot gamerule.
  • MC-249910 – Warden "Nearby Closest" sound is unused.


Videos made by slicedlime:


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