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For the April Fool's joke snapshot released that week, see Java Edition 22w13oneBlockAtATime.
Minecraft 22w13a
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Java Edition



Release date

March 31, 2022

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Protocol version

 dec: 1073741900
 hex: 4000004C

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22w13a is the third snapshot for Java Edition 1.19, released on March 31, 2022,[1] which adds the allay, ancient cities, reinforced deepslate, and fixes bugs.



Reinforced Deepslate
  • A new block only found in ancient cities shaped as a large frame.
  • Is not craftable.
  • Is completely blast-resistant, and takes an incredibly long amount of time to mine (82.5 seconds).
  • Can be broken, but won't drop anything, even with silk touch.
  • Cannot be moved with pistons.


Spawn Egg


  • Can collect the same items from the world as it holds in its hand.
  • If holds an item it got from a player, it will follow that player.
    • It can be made to hold an item by interacting with the allay (pressing use).
    • The item can also be removed by interacting with the allay (pressing use) while with an empty hand.
  • Able to drop items at nearby note blocks, and stay close to a note block that has been played near them.
  • When playing a note block near them, that note block becomes their favorite one for 30 seconds, and they will attempt to drop off items at the note block rather than at the player.
  • If they have items in their inventory, they will attempt to give them to their owner.
  • Sometimes spawn in cages next to pillager outposts (similar to iron golem), and inside woodland mansions.
  • Has a delay for picking new items after delivering items.
  • Immune to damage from its owner while holding an item.
  • Have 10♥♥♥♥♥ health points.

World generation[]

Ancient City


  • Added three new advancements:
  • Added kill_mob_near_sculk_catalyst advancement trigger.
    • Triggered when a player kills an entity next to sculk catalyst, with following conditions:
      • player: a player for which this trigger runs
      • entity: a predicate for the entity that was killed
      • killing_blow: a predicate for how the entity was killed


  • Added a new particle: allay_dust.
  • Added following block tags:
    • #ancient_city_center_replaceable: deepslate, deepslate_bricks, deepslate_tiles, deepslate_brick_slab, deepslate_tile_slab, deepslate_brick_stairs, deepslate_tile_wall, deepslate_brick_wall, cobbled_deepslate, cracked_deepslate_bricks, and cracked_deepslate_tiles.
    • #ancient_city_replaceable: #ancient_city_center_replaceable, and gray_wool.
  • Added following game event tag:
    • #ignore_vibrations_on_occluding_block: hit_ground, and step.
  • Added following biome tag:
    • #has_structure/ancient_city: deep_dark



Mangrove Leaves
  • Are now able to drop sticks when broken.
Note Block
  • Only wool and wool carpets now block the sounds coming from note blocks.
Sculk Shrieker
  • Can generate from sculk catalyst spread again.
  • Now can be dropped by using silk touch.
  • Added can_summon blockstate, which determines it summon a warden or not.
    • Set to true by default for sculk shriekers placed via worldgen.
    • Set to false by default for sculk shriekers placed by a player or generated via sculk spread.



Non-mob entities[]

Minecart with Chest, Minecart with Furnace, Minecart with TNT and Minecart with Hopper
  • Crafting recipes are now shapeless.
  • Now drop themselves when broken.


  • Breeding frogs are now required for "Two by Two" advancement.


Game Events
  • Renamed some game events, to make them more grammatically consistent:
    • drinking_finish -> drink
    • entity_killed -> entity_die
    • entity_damaged -> entity_damage
    • elytra_free_fall -> elytra_glide
    • mob_interact -> entity_interact
    • ravager_roar -> entity_roar
    • wolf_shaking -> entity_shake
  • The following events have been collapsed into block_activate, and block_deactivate:
    • block_press
    • block_unpress
    • block_switch
    • block_unswitch
  • ring_bell has been removed and replaced with block_change.
  • Both shulker_open, and shulker_close have been removed in favour of using container_open, and container_close.
  • fishing_rod_cast, and fishing_rod_reel_in have been renamed to item_interact_start, and item_interact_finish.
  • entity_interact should be dispatched more often when interacting with various mobs.
  • Renamed #carpets block and item tag to #wool_carpets.
  • Reinforced deepslate is now part of the #dragon_immune, #features_cannot_replace, and #wither_immune block tags.
  • The #spawns_cold_variant_frogs biome tag no longer contains the #is_mountain biome tag.
  • Frozen peaks, jagged peaks, snowy slopes, frozen ocean, deep frozen ocean, grove, deep dark, frozen river, snowy taiga, snowy beach are now part of the #spawns_cold_variant_frogs biome tag.
  • Warm ocean is now part of the #spawns_warm_variant_frogs biome tag.
  • Changed game events in the #vibrations game event tag:
    • Include all game events changes mentioned above.
    • Added note_block_play.
    • Removed minecart_moving.
  • Changed game events in the #warden_events_can_listen game event tag:
    • Include all game events changes mentioned above.
    • Added flap, and note_block_play.
    • Removed minecart_moving.


27 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.19
  • MC-195468 – World Generation Settings not working on dedicated server.
  • MC-210331 – Sculk sensors are not activated upon wandering traders drinking milk or witches drinking potions.
  • MC-210485 – Sculk sensors are not activated upon evokers summoning vexes.
  • MC-212503 – Sculk sensors are not activated upon collecting fish, axolotls, or tadpoles using water buckets.
  • MC-214652 – Naming inconsistency for game events for eating/drinking.
  • MC-249493 – Breaking a minecart with chest/furnace/TNT/hopper separates the minecart and the block it contains.
From the 1.19 development versions
  • MC-249103 – Z-fighting can be seen on the underside of frogs' feet.
  • MC-249110 – Z-fighting textures inside the frog's mouth.
  • MC-249115 – Frogs spawn with wrong color in some biomes.
  • MC-249132 – Frogs are not required to be bred for the Two by Two advancement.
  • MC-249168 – Dispensing a Bucket of Tadpole above or below a dimension dispenses the item, instead of a tadpole.
  • MC-249349 – Dispensing a Bucket of Tadpole dispenses the item, instead of water with a tadpole.
From the previous development version
  • MC-249380 – The locks of chests within chest boats are positioned slightly too high.
  • MC-249382 – Boats with chest do not drop items contained in chest when destroyed in Creative.
  • MC-249385 – Boat with chest cannot be placed by dispenser.
  • MC-249389 – GUI Scale is a slider instead of a button.
  • MC-249392 – Options have missing or untranslated names.
  • MC-249397 – Bottom face of Warden's right arm missing in warden_bioluminescent_layer texture.
  • MC-249398 – Game crash regarding warden.
  • MC-249404 – Boats with Chest aren't grouped in the recipe book.
  • MC-249405chatScale option defaults to 0.0 instead of 1.0, causing chat to disappear.
  • MC-249409 – Furnaces, blast furnaces and smokers don't cook without fuel in the bottom slot, even if they are already fired up.
  • MC-249437 – Sculk shriekers no longer appear to be capable of spawning from charges.
  • MC-249474 – Four-legged mobs do not sit correctly in a boat with a chest.
  • MC-249501 – Boats with chest have items inside deleted when they break into planks and sticks.
  • MC-249529 – Mangrove boat cannot be placed by dispenser.
  • MC-249642 – Wardens can't pass over rails.


Videos made by slicedlime:


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