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March 16, 2022

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 dec: 1073741898
 hex: 4000004A

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22w11a is the first snapshot for Java Edition 1.19, released on March 16, 2022,[1] which adds the first features of The Wild Update, pack filters, space glyph provider, 3D directional audio, new tags and fixes bugs.



  • Added froglights, with 3 variants: ochre, pearlescent and verdant.
  • Emit a light level of 15.
  • Dropped when frogs eat small magma cubes.
    • When eaten by temperate frogs, drop ochre froglight.
    • When eaten by cold frogs, drop verdant froglight.
    • When eaten by warm frogs, drop pearlescent froglight.
  • Non-solid blocks that can be placed on the surface of water.
  • Laid by frogs after mating.
  • Hatches tadpoles after some time.
  • Does not drop upon breaking, even with silk touch.
Mangrove leaves
  • A new type of leaves.
Mangrove log
  • A new type of log, as well as a stripped variant.
  • Can be used to craft mangrove woods and planks.
Mangrove planks
Mangrove propagule
  • A new type of sapling.
  • Can be grown by bonemealing the mangrove leaves, grows from the exposed bottom of it.
    • Propagules can also grow spontaneously from leaves, but only if they're naturally generated (not player placed leaves).
    • Have 4 stages to fully grown, can be accelerated by bonemealing.
  • Can break off a fully grown one, plant it to growing a mangrove tree (currently not added, generates an oak tree instead).
  • Can be planted underwater.
  • Can be placed in flower pots.
  • Bees can pollinate them.
  • Bees follow players holding them and can be bred with them.
Mangrove roots
  • A see-through block just like leaves, but can be waterlogged.
    • Water currently doesn't spread outward like with other waterlogged blocks.
  • Mining faster when using axes.
  • Unlike leaves, it does not break when moved by a piston.
    • If the roots are waterlogged, the water vanishes.
  • Can be powered.
Mangrove wood
  • A new type of wood, as well as a stripped variant.
  • Can be used to craft mangrove planks.
Mud bricks
Muddy mangrove roots
  • Can be crafted from 1 mud and 1 mangrove roots.
  • Unlike regular roots, they are an opaque block that can't be waterlogged.
  • Mining faster when using shovels.
Packed mud
  • Can be crafted from 1 mud and 1 wheat.
Sculk catalyst
  • Generates in the deep dark biome.
  • Emits soul particles after a mob dies within 8 blocks, and grows sculk related blocks.
    • Spreads sculk blocks to wherever a nearby mob dies. The amount it spreads depends on the amount of experience the mob is meant to drop.
      • Even if the mob doesn't drop experience as it wasn't killed by a player, the blocks would still spread based on the amount of experience it normally drops.
      • Experience does not drop in these cases.
    • The charge decays over time, faster the furthest away from the catalyst it moves.
      • If a charge decays more than 4 blocks away from the catalyst, it has a chance of creating either a sculk sensor (90%) or a sculk shrieker (10%).
      • If a charge decays more than 24 blocks away from the catalyst, it merely vanishes.
  • Drops only experience when broken without silk touch.
  • Emits a light level of 6.
  • Sculk Catalyst Bloom JE1 BE1.gif Blooms when activated.
  • Can spread sculk only on blocks in the sculk_replaceable tag.
Sculk shrieker
  • Generates in the deep dark biome.
  • Has two soul-shaped patterns in the center.
  • Drops only experience when broken without silk touch.
  • Currently doesn't do anything due to the warden not being in this snapshot.
Sculk vein
  • Generates in the deep dark biome on the edge of sculk patches.
  • Generates in a layer on top of blocks and can be placed in all directions, like glow lichen.
  • Has an animated texture.
  • Some have parts that are transparent, allowing the player to see the block it is on top of.
  • Can be waterlogged.
  • Drops nothing when broken without silk touch.


Bucket of tadpole
  • Added bucket of tadpole, can be obtained by catching a tadpole using a water bucket.
Mangrove boat
  • A new type of boat, crafted with mangrove planks.
Spawn egg
  • Added frog and tadpole spawn eggs.


  • Can croak, jump, swim, and slowly walk on land.
    • Are able to jump over 5 blocks.
    • Frogs are faster in water than on land.
    • Preferred to jump to lily pad and big dripleaf.
  • Have 10♥♥♥♥♥ health points.
  • Come in three variants: temperate, warm, and cold.
    • The temperate variant is orange, the warm variant is white, and the cold variant is green.
  • Eat small slimes, dropping slimeballs in the process.
  • Can be tempted and bred using slimeballs.
    • Lay eggs on water after mating.
  • Grow from tadpoles.
    • Variants depend on the temperature of the biome it turns from a tadpole to a frog in.
  • Jump around like fish when on land, and eventually die.
  • Grow up into frogs after 20 minutes in the world, which can be sped up using slimeballs.
    • Frog type dependent on which temperature a tadpole grows in.
  • Have 6♥♥♥ health points.
  • Are hunted down by axolotls.
  • Can be held in a water bucket.

World generation[]

Deep dark
  • New biome at the "deepest depths of the world".
  • Tends to generate under continental/mountainous areas, exclusively within the deepslate layer between Y=-1 and Y=-64.
    • Currently can extend above the deepslate layer, sometimes up to around Y=33.
  • The surface is covered in sculk and contains all sculk-related blocks.
  • With the exception of spawners, no mobs can spawn there, similar to mushroom fields.
Upgrading of old worlds
  • Now support 3D biome blending, so it blends the underground biomes as well.


Chunk format
  • Added blending_data.min_section, and blending_data.max_section that determines which sections are used for data for blending.
Data pack and resource pack
  • Can have filter section in pack.mcmeta now.
    • This section has mandatory field block, which is a list of patterns (regular expressions) for namespaces and paths.
    • If any of files in packs added before one with filter section matches any pattern inside block, it is filtered out (i.e. treated as if not present in the first place).
    • filter section does not apply to a pack containing it, only to packs loaded before it.
    • Both namespace and path can be omitted: if they are, the game works as if they had been specified as a ".*". Missing field matches every value. When they are included, these fields contain a regular expression pattern.
    • For example, adding pack with this section in pack.mcmeta after vanilla pack hides all recipes and advancements defined by vanilla pack:
"filter": {
    "block": [
            "namespace": "minecraft",
            "path": "recipes/.*"
            "namespace": "minecraft",
            "path": "advancements/.*"
  • World presets/types and super flat world presets in “Create World” screen can now be controlled by datapacks.
    • New registry types worldgen/world_preset, and worldgen/flat_level_generator_preset were added to data-drive presents (like "Amplified" or "Single Biome").
Debug screen and profiling
  • Added estimated GPU utilization percentage to performance profiling metrics and F3 debug screen.
    • This is available only for graphics devices that support GPU timer queries.
  • Added "Blending" row, above the "Noise Router" row.
  • Added new glyph provider type space, to allow creation of space-like glyphs.
    • New provider has single argument called advances which is map of codepoint to glyph advance (width).
    • Rendering of space glyph is no longer hardcoded (needs to be declared manually in font).
  • Added "Directional Audio" sound option, for 3D Directional Audio simulation.
    • Uses HRTF-based directional audio to improve the simulation of 3D sound, making it easier to distinguish which direction a sound comes from (including if it is above or below the player).
    • Requires HRTF compatible audio hardware.
    • This option is best experienced with headphones.
    • Toggled off by default.
  • Added three new particles: sculk_soul, sculk_charge_pops, and sculk_charge.
  • Added server property max-chained-neighbor-updates to limit the amount of consecutive neighbor updates before skipping additional ones. Negative values remove the limit.
  • Added the following splash text:
    • "Shriek like a Sculk Shrieker!"
    • "Who let the frogs out?"
    • "RIBBIT!"
    • "Croak team!"
    • "Nooooooooooooo!"
    • "Flower forest TM perfume"
    • "Hat Fridays!"
  • Added following block tags:
    • #convertable_to_mud: contains dirt, coarse_dirt, and rooted_dirt
    • #dragon_transparent: contains light, and #fire
      • This tag controls blocks the ender dragon cannot destroy but can fly straight through.
    • #frog_prefer_jump_to: contains lily_pad, and big_dripleaf
    • #mangrove_logs: contains mangrove_log, mangrove_wood, stripped_mangrove_log, and stripped_mangrove_wood
    • #sculk_replaceable: contains #base_stone_overworld, #dirt, #terracotta, #nylium, #base_stone_nether, #sand, gravel, soul_sand, soul_soil, calcite, smooth_basalt, clay, dripstone_block, end_stone, red_sandstone, and sandstone
    • #sculk_replaceable_world_gen: contains #sculk_replaceable, deepslate_bricks, deepslate_tiles, cobbled_deepslate, cracked_deepslate_bricks, and cracked_deepslate_tiles.
  • Added following item tags:
    • #mangrove_logs: contains mangrove_log, mangrove_wood, stripped_mangrove_log, and stripped_mangrove_wood
  • Added following biome tags:
    • #allows_surface_slime_spawns: contains swamp
    • #allows_tropical_fish_spawns_at_any_height: contains lush_caves
    • #has_closer_water_fog: contains swamp
      • This tag controls which biomes have a shorter view distance.
    • #is_end: contains all the end biomes.
    • #is_overworld: contains all overworld biomes.
    • #is_savanna: contains savanna, savanna_plateau, and windswept_savanna
    • #more_frequent_drowned_spawns: contains #is_river
    • #only_allows_snow_and_gold_rabbits: contains desert
    • #plays_underwater_music: contains #is_ocean, and #is_river
      • This tag controls which biomes the player hears the special underwater music when underwater.
    • #polar_bears_spawn_on_alternate_blocks: contains frozen_ocean, and deep_frozen_ocean
    • #produces_corals_from_bonemeal: contains warm_ocean
      • This tag controls which biomes that coral can be farmed by bonemealing.
    • #reduce_water_ambient_spawns: contains #is_river
    • #required_ocean_monument_surrounding: contains #is_ocean, and #is_river
      • This tag defines which biomes must be present around a location that a monument possible to generate.
    • #spawns_cold_variant_frogs: contains snowy_plains, ice_spikes, #is_mountain, and #is_end
    • #spawns_warm_variant_frogs: contains desert, #is_jungle, #is_savanna, #is_nether, and #is_badlands
    • #stronghold_biased_to: contains badlands, bamboo_jungle, birch_forest, dark_forest, desert, dripstone_caves, eroded_badlands, flower_forest, forest, frozen_peaks, grove, ice_spikes, jagged_peaks, jungle, lush_caves, meadow, mushroom_fields, old_growth_birch_forest, old_growth_pine_taiga, old_growth_spruce_taiga, plains, savanna_plateau, savanna, snowy_plains, snowy_slopes, snowy_taiga, sparse_jungle, stony_peaks, sunflower_plains, taiga, windswept_forest, windswept_gravelly_hills, windswept_hills, windswept_savanna, and wooded_badlands
      • These contents are exactly the same with the previous #has_structure/stronghold biome tag.
    • #water_on_map_outlines: contains #is_ocean, #is_river, and swamp
      • This tag controls which biomes appear as water on map outlines.
    • #without_patrol_spawns: contains mushroom_fields
    • #without_wandering_trader_spawns: contains the_void
    • #without_zombie_sieges: contains mushroom_fields
  • Added following structure tags:
    • #cats_spawn_as_black: contains swamp_hut
    • #cats_spawn_in: contains swamp_hut
  • Added following flat level generator preset tag, to control order of elements displayed in "Configure Flat World" screen:
    • #visible: contains classic_flat, tunnelers_dream, water_world, overworld, snowy_kingdom, bottomless_pit, desert, redstone_ready, and the_void
      • This tag controls all the visible presets in the UI and their order.
  • Added following world preset tags, to control values show on "World Type" button in "Create World" screen:
    • #normal: contains normal, flat, large_biomes, amplified, and single_biome_surface
    • #extended: contains #normal, and debug_all_block_states
      • This tag controls which world presets appear only when holding down the Alt key.



Brewing Stand
  • Slightly changed its texture, to make their arms connect to their bases.
Cocoa Pod
  • Slightly changed the stage2's texture, to make width consistency with other stages' textures.
  • The top of doors no longer flips in an unnatural way when opening in certain directions.
End Portal Frame
  • Slightly changed its texture, to make better transition with the end stone texture.
End Rod
  • Removed unused pixels in its texture.
  • Slightly changed its side texture, to match other dirt-based blocks.
  • When used as fuel for furnaces, they now burn equally as long as a bamboo does.
Sculk Sensor
  • Has been re-added to the creative inventory.
  • Can now be obtained only with silk touch, otherwise they drop experience.
  • Rotated pixels at the bottom left corner in their textures, to make a correct direction.


  • They now properly spin around their own center axis and show up in the right place in item frames.


Spiders and Cave Spiders
  • Fixed texture mapping of both types of spiders.
  • Fixed texture mapping of the ears of wolves.

World generation[]

Custom world generation
  • The dimension folder is no longer present in the vanilla world generation reference pack, but dimension files still work like they used to inside a custom data pack.
  • There's a new file type that the data report generator can output in the biome_parameters folder, containing all the biome parameters for the default vanilla dimensions.
  • Custom dimensions no longer require a separate seed field, and in fact can no longer have a custom seed - the world seed is now always used for all dimensions.

Command format[]

  • Fixed rendering of boss bars, now they have the correct appearance even when several boss bars with the notched style are visible at once.


  • The "Deep Dark" biome is now required to be visited to obtain the "Adventuring Time" advancement.


Chunk format
  • Removed blending_data.old_noise, now existence of blending_data in chunk data determines if a chunk is considered old.
Data pack and resource pack
  • Data pack format is now 10, resource pack format is now 9.
Debug screen
  • The H for "humidity" has been changed for a V for "vegetation".
  • Renamed the feature field in location predicates to structure.
  • level-type now supports world presets instead.
  • Following tags are changed due to addition of new features mentioned above:
    • Mangrove button is now part of the #wooden_buttons block and item tag.
    • Mangrove door is now part of the #wooden_doors block and item tag.
    • Mangrove fence gate is now part of the #fence_gates block tag.
    • Mangrove fence is now part of the #wooden_fences block and item tag.
    • Mangrove leaves is now part of the #leaves block and item tag.
    • Mangrove planks is now part of the #planks block and item tag.
    • Mangrove pressure plate is now part of the #wooden_pressure_plates block and item tag.
    • Mangrove propagule is now part of the #flowers, and #saplings block and item tag.
    • Mangrove roots is now part of the #mineable/axe block tag.
    • Mangrove sign is now part of the #standing_signs block tag and #signs item tag.
    • Mangrove slab is now part of the #wooden_slabs block and item tag.
    • Mangrove stairs is now part of the #wooden_stairs block and item tag.
    • Mangrove trapdoor is now part of the #wooden_trapdoors block and item tag.
    • Mangrove wall sign is now part of the #wall_signs block tag.
    • Mud brick slab is now part of the #slabs block and item tag.
    • Mud brick stairs is now part of the #stairs block and item tag.
    • Mud brick wall is now part of the #walls block and item tag.
    • Mud bricks, mud brick stairs, mud brick slab and packed mud are now part of the #mineable/pickaxe block tag.
    • Mud is now part of the #enderman_holdable block tag.
    • Muddy mangrove roots and mud are now part of the #mineable/shovel block tag.
    • Potted mangrove propagule is now part of the #flower_pots block tag.
    • Sculk vein is now part of the #inside_step_sound_blocks block tag.
    • Sculk, sculk catalyst, sculk vein and sculk shrieker are now part of the #mineable/hoe block tag.
    • Tadpole is now part of the #axolotl_hunt_targets entity tag.
    • Block and item tag #mangrove_logs is now part of the logs_that_burn block and item tag, respectively.
  • Light block is now part of the #wither_immune block tag.
  • #polar_bears_spawnable_on_in_frozen_ocean block tag is renamed to #polar_bears_spawnable_on_alternate.
  • #has_structure/stronghold biome tag now reference only the #is_overworld biome tag.
  • Configured structure feature tags are now called structure tags.
World creation
  • A short screen showing the message "Preparing for world creation" appears before the "Create New World" screen appears.
  • The "out of memory" error screen can now be translated.


24 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.19
  • MC-67308 – Door top and side textures flip illogically when opened and closed.
  • MC-95103 – Shield item rendering not adjusted to the center.
  • MC-99930 – Brewing stand extends arms and inverts its texture when bottles are placed.
  • MC-106510 – Long structure names (over 64 characters) do not fit in the structure block GUI.
  • MC-109055 – Large cocoa pod texture is inconsistent.
  • MC-124984 – Command syntax help does not recognize invalid tags.
  • MC-127885 – The textures on the spider models aren't mirrored properly.
  • MC-158668 – Vex continue to attack their target after it has been killed.
  • MC-165036 – Boss bars with the notched style are rendered incorrectly if more than one boss bar is active.
  • MC-165990 – Crafting bamboo into scaffolding gives you 8 times the furnace fuel for free.
  • MC-183309 – Player reach is different for client and server when crawling.
  • MC-195717 – Custom dimensions JSON requires seed.
  • MC-201150 – Unused pixels in end rod texture.
  • MC-202580 – Transition between end stone texture and end portal frame is not as seamless as it previously was.
  • MC-219843 – Mycelium's side texture differs from other dirt-based blocks.
  • MC-219852 – Corner in smoker_bottom texture is still rotated incorrectly.
  • MC-219875 – You can cause a desync when repeatably picking up liquids.
  • MC-221639 – Light block isn't dragon or wither immune.
  • MC-225837 – The word "Recipe" is spelled as "Reciple" within the "narration.recipe" string.
  • MC-230603 – Wolf ears and legs aren't mirrored.
  • MC-235964 – Crash on "Saving world" when F3+L profiling is active - java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot read field "f" because "this.D" is null.
  • MC-238070 – Brewing stand arms do not connect with their bases.
  • MC-238807 – "Out of memory!" message is untranslatable.
  • MC-248936 – Minecraft icon on MacOS is not showing correct icon.


Videos made by slicedlime:


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