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February 9, 2022

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 dec: 1073741891
 hex: 40000043

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22w06a is the third snapshot for Java Edition 1.18.2, released on February 9, 2022,[1] which introduces compliance requirements for players in South Korea, added "Universal Tags", and fixes bugs.



Notification of playing greater than 1 hour.

Notification of playing greater than 24 hours.

Compliance requirements
  • Added gameplay timers and notices in compliance with gaming laws in South Korea, in order to help remind these players to take occasional breaks from gameplay.
Resource packs
  • Added a JSON file related to the new compliance requirements, located at assets/[namespace]/regional_compliancies.json.
  • Tags can now be defined for any types in registry, rather than only blocks, items, fluids, entity types, game events and functions previously.
    • In datapacks, tags of new types are stored in their own folders (but not present in the vanilla datapack currently). The folders' names are based on their names in the registries.json, for example:
      • Tags for potions: /data/[namespace]/tags/potion
      • Tags for biomes: /data/[namespace]/tags/worldgen/biome
    • For tags of blocks, items, fluids, entity types, game events and functions, their locations in datapacks are currently not changed, even if they use plural names which is against the new name format.


World generation[]

Custom world generation
  • Some fields in worldgen structures that previously only lists of element IDs now accept tags.
    • Those entries now accept [id, ...], id (shortcut for [id]) and #tag.
    • Changed fields are:
      • feature.glow_lichen configuration: can_be_placed_on
      • feature.spring_feature configuration: valid_blocks
      • feature.simple_random_selector configuration: features
      • block_predicate_type.matching_blocks: blocks
      • block_predicate_type.matching_fluids: fluids
      • biome: inner list in features, map value in carvers
      • biome_source.checkerboard: biomes
  • Some tag fields now require id to be prepended with #, however they are not yet accepting element list:
    • dimension_type: infiniburn
    • feature.geode configuration: blocks.cannot_replace, blocks.invalid_blocks
    • feature.vegetation_patch, feature.waterlogged_vegetation_patch configuration: replaceable
    • feature.root_system configuration: root_replaceable
    • structure_processor.protected_blocks: value
  • Structure fields in noise settings no longer have separate subfields for strongholds and non-stronghold structures. Instead each structure has a tag field which is tag: concentric_rings for strongholds and tag: random_spread for non-stronghold structures.
  • Changed the "Water World" preset, by replacing sand with gravel, and adding additional 64 layers of deepslate above the bedrock layer, in order to fix the ocean monument generation issue in worlds using this preset.


9 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.18
  • MC-105317 – Structure blocks do not rotate entities correctly when loading.
  • MC-138717/locate command does not locate certain structures in Superflat.
  • MC-192361/locate stronghold does not locate stronghold in Superflat worlds despite them generating.
  • MC-232822 – Various structures not generating in Superflat worlds.
From 1.18
  • MC-238696 – Using /locate stronghold or throwing an eye of ender in Superflat, will be able to find strongholds that do not actually exist.
  • MC-239708 – Superflat world "Water World" preset settings are obsolete for the 1.18 update.
From 1.18.1
  • MC-245937 – Flashing particles when boosting upwards with firework rockets.
  • MC-247871Cannot invoke "com.mojang.datafixers.util.Either.left()" because "$$6" is null.
  • MC-248106 – Parrot dying while using Riptide enchantment.


Video made by slicedlime:


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