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October 20, 2021

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 dec: 1073741870
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21w42a is the sixth snapshot for Java Edition 1.18, released on October 20, 2021,[1] which introduces new music, changes to world generation, and many fixes related to spawning.



Music Disc
  • Added a new music disc from Lena Raine titled "otherside".
    • Can be found on rare occasions in stronghold corridor chests, or much more rarely in dungeon chests.


  • Added new music to the Overworld (when playing in survival mode), distributed to the new biomes, and to the main menu. [note 1]
    • By Lena Raine: "Stand Tall", "Left to Bloom", "One More Day", "Wending" and "Infinite Amethyst":
      • "Stand Tall" plays in the snowy slopes, jagged peaks, frozen peaks and stony peaks biomes, as well as the menu screen.
      • "Left to Bloom" plays in the meadow and lush caves biomes, as well as the menu screen.
      • "One More Day" plays in the meadow, snowy slopes and lush caves biomes, as well as the menu screen.
      • "Wending" plays in the grove, jagged peaks, stony peaks and dripstone caves biomes, as well as the menu screen.
      • "Infinite Amethyst" plays in the grove and dripstone caves biomes, as well as the menu screen.
    • By Kumi Tanioka (谷岡 久美): "Floating Dream", "Comforting Memories" and "An Ordinary Day":
      • "Floating Dream" plays in the jagged peaks and lush caves biomes.
      • "Comforting Memories" plays in the grove biome.
      • "An Ordinary Day" plays in the snowy slopes, dripstone caves and lush caves biomes.
  • Added "Autosave Indicator" to video settings, for singleplayer worlds, which allows to toggle the indicator on / off.
    • The indicator appears in the bottom right of the screen whenever the game is saving the world file.
    • Defaults to on.
  • Added block_marker, to replace light and barrier.
    • Renders with texture declared in particle slot for model assigned to configured block state.
    • Summoned with same syntax as block particle (i.e. block_marker wheat[age=2]).


World generation[]

Ore distrubution
  • Increased top height limit of Badlands gold generation from Y=79 to Y=256, and increased the number of blobs.
  • Lava springs can now generate amid calcite, dirt, snow, powder snow and packed ice.
    • These changes allow lava springs to generate in mountains and snowy terrain.
  • Water springs don't generate higher than Y=192, and are slightly less common.


Player Spawning
  • Reworked world spawn selection algorithm.
    • Now spawns according to the same climate parameters that control biome placement and world generation: players should no longer spawn in the ocean or some other inconvenient locations like certain mountains biomes.[needs in-game testing]


15 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.18
  • MC-73300 – "Saving Level..." text not appearing in pause menu.
  • MC-80824 – Spawning in some biomes causes "Unable to find spawn biome" warning.
  • MC-129912 – Player no longer spawned at highest level at world spawn.
  • MC-131686 – Spawn in ground with Buffet generation when creating a new world.
  • MC-132347 – Spawning inside icebergs.
  • MC-133466 – Certain world configurations force the player to spawn at X=8 Z=8.
  • MC-185033 – Underground spawn in single biome world type.
  • MC-185034 – Always respawning on the same block with no spawnpoint set.
  • MC-198232 – Music plays less frequently as it normally did.
  • MC-202166 – "Times Crafted" statistics column doesn't always display data correctly.
  • MC-214288 – Player does not spawn on the surface of the world when min_y is greater than 0.
  • MC-221641 – Caves can make ravines generate without water.
  • MC-233771 – Parity issue: Light blocks do not display their light level when shown via a held light block item.
From the 1.18 development versions
  • MC-236837 – The player can occasionally spawn underground when loading into a new world.
  • MC-238582 – Beaches generate between desert and ocean.


  1. Released to all 1.18 snapshots.


Videos made by slicedlime:


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