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May 5, 2021

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 dec: 1073741850
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21w18a is the twentieth snapshot for Java Edition 1.17, released on May 5, 2021,[1] which makes changes to goats and experimental ore generation, as well as fixes some bugs.



Infested Blocks
  • Instead of breaking instantly, infested blocks now take half of the time to break compared to their regular counterparts. They still have no assigned tool.[2][3]
  • Changed the textures of the light block displayed in the inventory or when holding a light block.


  • Screaming goats will use their ram attack more often than other goats will.
  • The pitch for the sound of baby goats ramming into stuff has been increased.


  • Added raw gold blocks to the guarded_by_piglins block tag.
  • Added raw gold blocks to the piglin_loved block tag.
  • Removed the unused mouth textures from the axolotl textures.
  • The goat's two ear textures have been changed to mirror properly.


Changes have been made to the official Caves & Cliffs world generation preview datapack, which gives early access to the world generation coming in Java Edition 1.18.

  • Cave carvers generate below y=0 in ocean biomes.
  • Increased the minimum size of noodle caves and carvers, to make them easier to traverse and less likely to break up into fragments.
  • Noodle caves no longer generate above y=30.

Changes in the ore distribution.

Ore distribution
  • Reduced copper spawning a bit, to compensate for large ore veins.
  • Large ore veins are slightly more rare and slightly smaller on average. They now vary significantly, meaning players can still find huge ore veins like the ones in previous versions.
  • Increased chance of finding raw ore blocks in ore veins.
  • Removed deepslate blobs above y=0.
  • Extended the vertical range of the smaller blobs of iron ore, to make it possible to find iron in caves near the surface.
  • Slightly reduced the amount of normal-sized iron blobs, to compensate for large ore veins and the increased range of smaller blobs.


46 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.17
  • MC-3587 – Last use of an anvil causes player to drop their item.
  • MC-162953NativeImage bounds checks are incorrect.
  • MC-172362 – Lava item burning sound does not play sometimes.
  • MC-177630 – Infested Stone blocks are mined instantly with Silk Touch.
  • MC-179116 – Burning item sound ignores lava hitbox level.
  • MC-197616 – Certain custom biome settings cause game to spam "Received invalid biome id: -1" in the console, causing major lag or freeze.
  • MC-205797 – Zoglins attack Marker armor stands and Invisible armor stands.
  • MC-206560 – Pufferfish react to Marker armor stands and Invisible armor stands.
  • MC-208430 – Minecraft crashes when loading resource pack due to "tessellating block model".
  • MC-211064 – Loading in a TrueTypeFont with an out-of-bounds size crashes the game.
From the 1.17 development versions
  • MC-203566 – Small/Medium amethyst buds don't show up in your hand.
  • MC-204707 – Adventure mode players can extinguish candles.
  • MC-204969 – No "Burning" sound for items burning in lava cauldron.
  • MC-208679 – Axolotl inconsistently doesn't show its mouth in-game.
  • MC-214159 – Small Dripleaf sometimes shrink into smaller (1 block tall) Big Dripleaf when using bone meal.
  • MC-214427 – Spore Blossoms can be used to breathe underwater / cannot be waterlogged.
  • MC-214793 – Some strips of chunks generate completely dark.
  • MC-214808 – World occasionally fails to load correctly.
  • MC-214860 – Some chunks in a line are lit up constantly.
  • MC-214898 – Extreme world generation lag.
  • MC-215867 – Crash: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Chunk not there when requested.
  • MC-216148 – Some chunks occasionally don't save properly, resetting progress.
  • MC-221611 – Texture missing on parts of Light item levels 2-6.
  • MC-221617 – Light block has an unnecessarily large texture.
  • MC-221647 – Goat Babies Don't Follow Parents.
  • MC-221725 – Legs of goats move differently.
  • MC-221727 – Goat eye height is outside of its hitbox while airborne.
  • MC-221829 – Leads on Goats appear a little too high.
  • MC-221840 – Goats can still do high jumps normally when on honey blocks.
  • MC-221867 – No subtitle for entity.goat.prepare_ram.
  • MC-222007 – Giving a light block with a negative BlockStateTag.level value shows particle texture in inventory.
  • MC-222072 – Problems connecting to server, getting kicked off.
  • MC-222151 – Goat head animation is weird when it rides a boat.
  • MC-222157 – Eye position of the goat is too high in some cases, causing suffocation.
  • MC-222458 – UVs on the goat's ears aren't mirrored as they should be.
  • MC-223141 – Piglins aren't attracted to a Block of Raw Gold.
  • MC-223145 – Piglins aren't angered when mining a Block of Raw Gold.
  • MC-223150 – Goats ram Marker armor stands & Invisible armor stands.
  • MC-223166 – Various goat sounds do not have any subtitles.
  • MC-223178 – Deepslate Tile Stairs come before Deepslate Brick Stairs in the creative inventory.
  • MC-223203 – Deepslate ore map colors are inconsistent with deepslate.
  • MC-223239 – Ramming sound that comes from a baby goat does not change pitch.
  • MC-223422 – When removing water from base of Small Dripleaf, the block stands without water untill [sic] a block update.
  • MC-223441 – A redundant torch in the panorama background.
From the previous development version
  • MC-224401 – Mob death does not show death particles.
  • MC-224428 – Raw ore blocks can generate as floating blocks in ore veins.


Videos made by slicedlime:


  • This snapshot lacked an image when the changelog was released on Minecraft.net. The alt text that appeared said "A goat standing on a hill. Very regal.". Image still can be accessed via the link on the page.
  • Ore distribution image contained hidden messages.
    • The ore distribution chart has upside down black text in the deepslate area that said: "Yes the first message is still here, But [sic] upside down".
    • A vertical line of text can be found in the coal area, saying "Someday I'm gonna run out of space to hide these messages".
    • "We must stop messing like this!" can be found in the border of the new ore distributions image.
  • This is the last snapshot which can be launched with Java 8 - Java 15.



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  1. Re-enables features set to release for 1.18.